How to find saved videos in Content Warning

A character using a video camera while another character holds a flashlight in content warning.
Credit: Landfall Publishing

A character using a video camera while another character holds a flashlight in content warning.
Credit: Landfall Publishing

Knowing how to find saved videos in Content Warning is essential for making it big on SpookTube.

Due to the game's mechanics, it's easy to record in-game feats captured as videos and clips for Spooktube. More scary findings lead to more views. However, the irony is that you don't know where the videos are saved since the videos don't automatically get saved in a known folder. Therefore, it gets tricky to find your soon-to-go viral clips.

But fret not! It might be challenging to find those saved videos in Content Warning, but it's not impossible. Here's how to find saved videos in the game.

How to save videos in Content Warning

Before finding a saved recording, you must know how to save the video in Content Warning. Follow these steps:

  • Pick the camera in the game, and dive into the Old World with the Diving Bell.
  • Record your spookiest findings and return using the Diving Bell again.
  • You'll have to put the camera in the converter machine to obtain a Footage Disk.
  • Upload this disk to SpookTube and watch the complete video.
  • The save option will appear after you've watched the video. Click on it, and the video will be saved.

How to find saved videos in Content Warning

By following the above video saving method, your video from Content Warning is saved successfully. Now, here comes the tricky part. You just saved a video, but where did it go? Here's where you might find the saved Content Warning videos:


Your video will first be saved to your Desktop. If you don't find it directly on the Desktop, you'll have to search manually. For that, look into the OneDrive Desktop folder or the usual Desktop folder for the video. This is where you'll find them:

  • C:\Users\<username>\OneDrive\Desktop
  • C:\Users\<username>\Desktop

Assuming that C is the system drive and <username> is the name of your profile.

Open Recordings Folder with F3 Key

Videos will be saved on the Desktop if you use the above video saving method, i.e., by using the Save option from SpookTube. But what if that fails? In some instances, Content Warning faces "Failed to extract error," because of which, the video won't be saved on the Desktop. What to do now?

Don't worry! Just use the F3 Key beside the video extractor. This key will open the Recordings Folder, where all your videos are saved. After that, copy that video to your Desktop for ease, and enjoy your spooky collection!

Utilise File Explorer

You can also access your old recordings by utilizing File Explorer:

  • Open Run by clicking the Windows + R keys. Type appdata in the search bar and click Enter.
  • Find the Temp folder, open it, search for the Recordings Folder, and open that.
  • This is where you'll find numerous folders, each having different videos saved.

If even this doesn't work. Again, don't worry. Paste the following address into your file explorer search bar, but make sure to change <username> to your profile name:


If not for a failed extraction error, finding your saved video on your Desktop is most convenient, but all other methods work just as well. For more Content Warning stuff, take a look at escaping the Captcha trap in the game.

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