How to fix COD Mobile authorization error 5B1202

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How to fix COD Mobile authorization error 5B1202 - Picture of a mercenary squad
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If you want to know how to fix COD Mobile authorization error 5B1202, you've come to the right place.

Call of Duty Mobile error 5B1202 is annoying, especially if you're trying to grind numerous matches during your personal downtime. The said error is similar to the COD Mobile network error in a way that both errors prevent you from signing in to the game.

Continue reading if you want to fix Call of Duty Mobile's error 5B1202.

What is COD Mobile authorization error 5B1202?

COD Mobile authorization error 5B1202 is related to failed Facebook login. This error will put your account through a loop of consistent but failing login attempts.

When players choose to log in to COD Mobile using their Facebook account, the game communicates with Facebook's servers to verify and authorize the user's login credentials.

However, if there are issues during this process, error 5B1202 is triggered, preventing the player from successfully logging into the game.

How to fix COD Mobile authorization error 5B1202?

Currently, Activision developers have fixed the COD Mobile authorization error 5B1202. However, if you're still encountering the issue, you can try some easy yet useful solutions.

Here are the solutions to fix error 5B1202:

  • Clear your mobile phone's cache and data.
  • Check and adjust app permissions.
  • Register for an Activision account and use it instead of Facebook.
  • Use a Guest Account to log in.
  • Reinstall Call of Duty Mobile.

The solutions discussed above can also fix most of COD Mobile's errors. Also, you should always update Call of Duty Mobile to the latest version to avoid many potential issues.

The other issues related to Call of Duty Mobile are laggy gameplay, guest account login failures, microtransaction errors, and weapon skin inconsistencies.

How to get more information about COD Mobile errors and issues?

As a dedicated gamer, you must be aware of Call of Duty Mobile's errors, issues, and downtime schedules. You can always visit COD Mobile's most active communities to get more information.

These are some popular COD Mobile communities:

If you're new in a COD Mobile community, you can try reaching out to other members who have encountered game issues. Very likely, you'll get authentic insights about an ongoing error. You might even make a new friend who can teach you about useful strategies!

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