Cities: Skylines 2 noise pollution - causes and how to fix it

Cities Skylines 2 noise pollution

Cities Skylines 2 noise pollution

Cities tend to get louder and more rambunctious as they progress, and at some point, all of those sounds will start to affect its citizens. As their creations begin to thrive, players may start wondering about how to handle the Cities: Skylines 2 noise pollution. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you out.

The game will have some interesting features like a fun transportation system and a variety of zoning options, but players shouldn’t get too carried away with them as they can contribute to the city’s noise levels.

The Cities: Skylines 2 noise pollution will have a negative impact on your game if left unchecked, so let’s go over the various things that can cause it and how to deal with them.

What causes noise pollution in Cities: Skylines 2?

Pretty much anything that makes a sound can contribute to noise pollution, but we’ll go over some of the biggest offenders.


Busy roads can produce a lot of noise, but there’s more to factor in aside from the number of vehicles passing by. You’ll also need to look at the type of vehicles that are going through the streets.

Large vehicles tend to be noisier while those that run on electricity can move about a lot more quietly.

Certain Buildings

Some buildings make significantly more noise than others so you should be cautious about placing them near residential areas. When placing such a building on the map, a circle will be displayed around it, showing the area that will be affected by its noise.

One particularly loud building is the power plant.

Industrial and Commercial zones

Commercial zones are usually the busiest areas of a city since they’re always full of people. Industrial zones on the other hand, have lots loud, heavy machinery that are constantly in use.

Be mindful of where you position these zones.

How to fix noise pollution in Cities: Skylines 2

The game isn’t out just yet so we don’t know all of the different ways of reducing noise pollution. However, we do have some tried and tested methods from the original Cities: Skylines.

  • Place sound barriers near highways and trees around roads.
  • Enact policies that promote the use of electric cars and biofuel buses.
  • Enact policies that restrict the use of large vehicles.
  • Proper distancing between specific buildings and zones.

If the noise pollution isn’t addressed in your city, its inhabitants have a good chance of becoming sick.

And that about does it for Cities: Skylines 2 noise pollution. If you want to know more about the upcoming city-building sim, feel free to check out its trailer.

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