Cities: Skylines 2 Industries - how to use them efficiently

Cities: Skylines 2 Industries - forest with roads

Cities: Skylines 2 Industries - forest with roads

In the first Cities Skylines, it was essential to know how to please the industry sector, as they will provide a good section of the money pouring in. It will be the same for the Cities Skylines 2 industries, so better to be ready and plan for them in the most efficient way.

In the first game, it was relatively simple to know how to plan for them, and most of these tips should still work. But there are some new features that is better to learn soon to plan for an efficient city.

Let's look then at how to best plan the Cities: Skylines 2 industries and work with them.

How the Cities: Skylines 2 industries function

The way the industries work in the game is by acquiring goods and converting them in other goods that they might sell, to other companies as well. They might also sell them to the people living in your city, but many work in the export sector as well and will sell those goods outside of the city.

Also, if the overall economy in your city is good, these companies will want to employ more people (i.e your citizens) and sell more goods. Otherwise they might start layoffs and even moving away.

Where to place industries and businesses in Cities: Skylines 2?

Industrial companies must be placed in a way as to be close both to the place that they get their goods from, but also to the places they will sell them to. Overall, it is useful to remember that a very smooth transition from acquiring the goods to selling them is the best way to keep the business in your city running efficiently so you can get their tax money.

Regarding businesses such as smaller shops, they might desire to be close to the place where they acquire goods but it is definitely more important to consider that they have to reach their target audience. Thus, making them hard to reach for customers is not a good way for them to be successful. They definitely need to be close to residential areas.

New types of Cities: Skylines 2 industries

The new game introduces some new industries as well. The new industries in the game are, for example, farming where they handle livestock, cotton farming, vegetable farming and grain farming as well. There are also mines, such as forestry and oil as well.

It is also possible to create a whole hub area dedicated to various types of industries, so that several business might work there. For example in oil drilling or mining as well.

That's all we have for you on the industries in Cities: Skylines 2. For more tips and tricks check out our other guides such as electricity and how to make a roundabout.

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