Cities: Skylines 2 incineration plant – how to use the incineration plant

Cities Skylines 2 incinerator

Cities Skylines 2 incinerator

As soon as you begin to put up your own settlement, you can expect it to start producing waste shortly after. In this guide, we’ll be focusing on how to use the Cities: Skylines 2 incineration plant since it will be a pretty solid upgrade from your default waste processing facility.

Cities: Skylines 2 is more than just building skyscrapers across the map and expanding your city limits. You actually do have to manage your metropolis to keep your citizens happy, and part of that means taking out the trash.

So, let’s find out how to use the Cities: Skylines 2 incineration plant and see how it might help your progress through the game.

How to use the incineration plant in Cities: Skylines 2

To use the incineration plant in Cities: Skylines, simply build it in a location of your choosing and the facility will automatically start to deploy garbage trucks to the surrounding areas to collect waste.

But before you can build an incineration plant, you’ll need to unlock it first by hitting the Big Town milestone. You can reach this milestone by having 1,800 to 8,000 citizens in your city.

Incineration plants cost 30,000 cells to build with an upkeep of 1,440 cells per week. Just like other waste management facilities, you can build an incineration plant from the Garbage and Industry build menu.

Benefits of using an incineration plant in Cities: Skylines 2

Among other things, an incineration plant makes you have an easier time eliminating your waste. While the incineration plant is far from being the most efficient waste management facility in Cities: Skylines, it’s still a decent early-game upgrade from the landfills that are stinking up your city. Here are the things an incineration plant has to offer to your settlement.

Waste elimination

As you may have guessed from the building’s name, the incineration plant burns the waste it collects instead of just storing it. Making the transition to incineration plants will rid you of the need to empty your landfills.

The drawback to this though is that these plants produce a lot more pollution compared to landfills.

More garbage trucks

When you build an incineration plant in Cities: Skylines, it comes with a fleet of 27 garbage trucks. This is almost double the amount trucks that come with a landfill.

Of course, having more garbage trucks making their rounds means there’s less chance of waste building up in the streets.

It produces power

You won’t need to connect your incineration plant to a power grid since it actually produces power from all the garbage it burns. But, you can also choose to connect the plant to your grid anyway and have other buildings take advantage of its power output.

So that’s our guide on how to use a Cities: Skylines 2 incineration plant. While you’re here, you might also want to check out our Cities: Skylines 2 guides on how to unlock loans and fix sick citizens.

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