What Does The 'o' Mean in ChatGPT 4o?

ChatGPT 4o meaning: Thinking face emoji behind an iPhone with ChatGPT 4o and OpenAI logo
Credit: OpenAI / Apple

ChatGPT 4o meaning: Thinking face emoji behind an iPhone with ChatGPT 4o and OpenAI logo
Credit: OpenAI / Apple

OpenAI may not have planned to take away Google's spotlight with the upcoming Google I/O event, but it certainly did anyway. Thanks to a recent OpenAI event, we got our first look at the new ChatGPT 4o - but what does ChatGPT 4o mean, and what does the 'o' stand for?

The latest model for ChatGPT users brings the 4o model to both the ChatGPT free and ChatGPT Plus fans. In fact, despite the name being remarkably similar to the last version, 4o packs an impressive assistant that practically kills the Rabbit r1. But, if you're confused behind the sudden change in naming, here's what the new version means.

ChatGPT 4o Meaning - What Does the 'o' Stand For?

The 'o' in ChatGPT 4o means 'Omni', which is a prefix that means the term 'all'. With the 4o name, OpenAI is implying that the new ChatGPT 4o model is an all-purpose AI, available to help you via text, voice, images, and video prompts.

OpenAI has improved on the ChatGPT 4 model in a multitude of ways. Firstly, 4o is more readily available, becoming accessible on the free tier. Also, there's less latency when using ChatGPT Voice, giving you quicker responses that feel more natural than before.

As shown during the presentation, OpenAI is keen to make ChatGPT a powerhouse of an assistant. Whether you want to use the AI as an accessibility tool, helping with interview preparation, or assisting in meetings, the new model is seriously impressive.

Considering all of the upgrades, it's no surprise why OpenAI chose the name as 4o. The strange naming convention makes sense, seeing that 'omni' quite literally means all, and ChatGPT 4o is attempting to be an all-in-one AI assistant capable of great things.

That's the meaning behind the 'o' in ChatGPT 4o. If you're excited for this new model, make sure to find out if ChatGPT Plus is worth it. In other OpenAI news, find out when the OpenAI Sora release date is, so you can create some generative videos with AI.

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