Blade and Sorcery PSVR 2 - is Blade and Sorcery on PlayStation VR 2?

Is Blade & Sorcery on PSVR 2 fighting in game

With the launch of the new generation of Sony's VR headset, many gamers are eagerly awaiting new titles (and free upgrades) that will make use of the new technology. Among them, is Blade and Sorcery available on PSVR 2?

Blade and Sorcery, currently still in early access, is an immersive physic-based VR sandbox game which definitely focuses more on simulation, rather than pure gameplay and various mechanics.

But what should we expect for the future, will the game be available for PSVR 2?

Is Blade and Sorcery on PSVR 2?

PlayStation VR 2 has more than 30 games at launch, and unfortunately, Blade and Sorcery isn't one of them. But will it be added to the PSVR 2 games list after the launch?

Well, the developers, Warpfrog studio, have referenced the possibility several times. On the latest roadmap, published for the game, there is indeed a "PSVR 2 release" in a "to be defined" status.

So, while a date has not been announced as of yet, we definitely know that the studio is considering a release on PlayStation's VR Headset, but not for the first PS VR generation since - the developers have commented - the controllers would restrict the simulation too much.

Where can you play Blade and Sorcery?

At the moment, the full version of the game is available on Steam. There is also a version specifically developed for the Oculus Quest 2 headsets, titled Blade & Sorcery: Nomad. This is a different version of Warpfrog’s VR experience, specifically tailored to close-quarter combat with a variety of medieval weapons.

But rest assured that if the game will be converted to PSVR, it will be the official version as the developers have also commented that the power of the PlayStation 5 will definitely be more than enough to consider porting the game. Still, as they have said, "no promises".

That is all we have for you now, but if you're looking for other games to play for your brand new PS VR 2 then take a look at other possibly upcoming titles, such as Pavlov and Boneworks.

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