Best Old-School Runescape PvP builds

Best Old-School Runescape PvP builds - arena with two players fighting

Best Old-School Runescape PvP builds - arena with two players fighting

There is a lot of fun to be had in Old School Runescape while playing PvP, but what if you need to conquer your enemies quickly? Well then, you definitely need to look at our list of the best old-school Runescape PvP builds and always be the strongers.

It might not be that easy to be able to quickly build up your character, so some shortcuts are always welcome. But if you're interested in more classic RPG, then World of Warcraft is always a great choice.

Now, let's look at some of the best PvP builds in Old-school Runescape.

What are the best old-school Runescape PvP builds?

Let's start first by focusing on defence and then on attack and magic.

Defence build

In order to focus on defense, these are the stats you should aim for:

  • Combat level 76
  • 50 Attack
  • 1 Defense (to equip rune weapons)
  • 40+ ranged
  • 0 magic level
  • 0 prayer level

These stats allow you to use rune weapons, for example a rune scimiter or a two-handed sword, along with a ranged primary weapon which is great to get some nice high DPS.

Void Build

This is another build which also favours ranged attacks. You should be aiming for the following stats:

  • 42 defence
  • 42 attack
  • 42 strength
  • 42+ hitpoints
  • 70+ ranged
  • 22 prayer

These high level strength and attack will allow your character to use void elements which, if you're all decked out in void knight equipment, will grant some nice bonuses to attack and defense.

Dragon Warhammer build

This is a build which is great to go against the one with pure builds, so you can also decide to have a character which can be flexible regardless the enemy they are facing. Here are the stats you should aim for:

  • 75 defense
  • 60 strength
  • 60 ranged
  • 73 combat level

Once you've aimed for these stats, you should think about using a particular combo of equipment which will make you quite hard to take town: SErpentine Helm, Dragonfire Shield and Full Bandos. Combine all of that with the Dragon Hammer for some great damage and defense, you can't go wrong.

That's all we have for you on the best old-school Runescape PvP builds. For more tips and tricks on RPGs, check out our Like a Dragon guides.

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