What are the best mobile games like Hearts of Iron 4?

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What are the best mobile games like Hearts of Iron 4 - picture of a commander and his troops overlooking the Eiffel Tower
Credit: Paradox

Are you looking for the best mobile games like Hearts of Iron 4? You’re not alone. Hundreds of players are curious about HOI 4 clones because they want to experience intense fights like in Total War Battles but without deep micromanagement.

Even though mobile games are simpler than Hearts of Iron 4, they still have fantastic appeal. Some of these games can be finished in a few hours, while others can take more than a week.

So, continue reading this article to find out the best mobile games like Hearts of Iron 4. We’ve chosen the most popular and straightforward games that can be played immediately.

What are the best mobile games like HOI 4?

There are numerous mobile games like HOI 4, but our top picks are the ones that have a very similar formula to the Hearts of Iron franchise. Other HOI-like titles have modern and fantasy themes but they’re still related to military strategy and domination.

Now, check out these cool mobile games similar to HOI 4:

Iron Order 1919

Set in an alternate reality, Iron Order 1919 is a multiplayer strategy game that has week-long matches against many players. Industrial mechs dominate the battlefield, and nations can set up huge trenches to defend against their enemies.

One awesome thing about Iron Order 1919 is the fact that you can field Titans. These Titans are not as gargantuan as the ones in Warhammer 40K, but they’re huge enough to inspire awe.

World Conqueror 4

The latest entry in the World Conqueror series has all the bells and whistles of HOI 4. World Conqueror 4 contains dozens of long campaigns and skirmishes. The earliest turning point of the game is WW2 1939 and it can even reach modern warfare at around 1980.

World Conqueror 4 is available on Android and iOS. It can also be played on PC through Bluestacks X.

Glory of Generals

Glory of Generals is a single-player strategy game with over fifty challenging missions to accomplish. The game is very similar to Hearts of Iron because it is set during WW2 with lots of available historical generals.


While Glory of Generals isn’t as in-depth as HOI 4, it will get you in the heat of battle right away. You just need to control your units and move them against enemy territories.

That wraps our simple recommendations for HOI-like mobile games, we are sure you will find something to play. Still, if you're looking to get seriously good at Hearts of Iron 4, you can check out our collection of beginners tips and tricks and in-depth navy guide.

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