Best free video editing websites for Twitch VODs explained

A compiled photo of video editing websites for Twitch VODs
Credit: CapCut, Clipchamp, Flexclip

A compiled photo of video editing websites for Twitch VODs
Credit: CapCut, Clipchamp, Flexclip

When it comes to producing videos from streaming on Twitch, it's crucial to have a variety of video forms of a single stream such as for VODs also known as videos on demand. However, these are quite challenging to create if you don't have the right tools to edit your videos. But not to worry as we've gathered a list of some of the best free video editing websites for Twitch VODs.

There's a variety of video editing software and websites out there ranging from having complex features while others are basic enough for newcomers to learn. This list gathers different free video editing websites tailored to every kind of streamer and video editor.

Best free video editing websites for Twitch VODs


An image of the WeVideo interface.
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Credit: WeVideo

A cloud-based video editing platform, WeVideo allows collaborative editing which lets you and other people work on projects together. So if you have some editors or other people who help you in editing, this tool is the way to go. Moreover, the website offers a library of stock media such as music, images, and video clips as additional assets to include for editing.

Keep in mind that WeVideo is also a subscription-based video editing website. While its free version has some of the basic features, access to the full range of content and advanced features on the website demands an additional cost.


An image of the CapCut interface.
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Credit: CapCut

One of the top options for editing stream videos, CapCut is user-friendly and accessible for beginners, offering some of the basic editing tools and features needed for editing a variety of videos such as highlights and VODs. The application has a user-friendly interface that's straightforward to learn. Additionally, it's also designed for mobile editing for those who are always on the go.

The catch of CapCut is that you won't be able to get advanced features seen in professional desktop editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve.


An image of the Clipchamp interface.
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Credit: Clipchamp

Mainly used to produce videos for social media, Clipchamp has an extensive library of templates to use and its user interface is simple and clear enough to navigate. Moreover, for its free version of the website, it has no watermarks and unlimited 1080p exports.

Its limitations include, however, the limited customisation options behind the subscription paywall, and it doesn't match the full power of full editing suites such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut, or DaVinci Resolve.


An image of the FlexClip interface.
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Credit: Flexclip

Similar to CapCut, FlexClip is a platform that allows users to create and edit videos in a user-friendly manner. For quick and straightforward editing, this browser-based editor has the basic features you need to edit such as cutting, trimming, adding text, and transitions. Moreover, the site has a library of templates, and stock media to better customise and personalise their videos.

Some cons to this app though are its limited advanced features that aren't on the level of professional desktop editing software. Additionally, as it's a web-based video editing application, you must have a stable internet connection.


An image of the Kapwing interface.
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Credit: Kapwing

Last but not least is Kapwing. Known to be a popular online video tool, this platform has been positively reviewed by many users. Besides its user-friendly interface and efficient editing processes that are streamlined, it can help make a variety of video content such as short-form videos from long-form footage. Additionally, Kapwing has support for Twitch Clips, allowing users to share highlights from streams within minutes.

While the platform has been receiving positive feedback, there are some cases with exporting videos at times and reports difficulties in communicating with customer support. Overall, the website is still good for editing your Twitch VODs.

Ultimately, it's still up to you as a streamer or video editor to decide on what application to use to edit VODs. Some pros and cons come with every website and if you're willing to pay for professional applications then go ahead. But these free video editing websites for Twitch VODs can save your resources. For more guides like this, you can browse our piece on how to set keybinds on Streamlabs and how to trim videos in CapCut.

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