The best Content Warning mods

Best Content Warning mods
Credit: Landfall Publishing

Best Content Warning mods
Credit: Landfall Publishing

If you’re into the new horror game, this article will show you the best Content Warning mods that are available for download.

Not only will these mods help improve your overall gameplay, they also help to add a few aesthetics to the experience. Despite launching a few days ago, this game has already made it to the screen of millions of players worldwide, and you can be part of the experience today.

Ever since the launch of this game, players have had a hard time understanding what it’s all about. Before showing you the best mods you can use on Content Warning, we’ll run you through on what this game is all about. Spoiler alert, if you have a faint heart or are scared of horrific figures, this isn’t the game for you, but if you aren't, you're in the right place.

What is Content Warning?

Best Content Warning mods
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Content Warning is a new first-person, multiplayer, co-op horror game from Landfall that launched on April Fools' Day this year. Since the launch of this game, it has amassed a whopping 6 million players, making it a Steam hit and for some reason, it's only available for gameplay on Windows systems.

This game costs $8 on Steam and helps some players achieve their dream of being a video streamer in a very scary way.

The game aims to film your friends playing with you as you all do scary things within the game. All fillings will go to an in-game platform known as SpookTube where players “get famous or die trying.” Players are to gear up and head to the “Old World” where they film scary things with their camera battery, oxygen, and friends running out.

Survivors from each team that go into the “Old World” are then to head back to the surface and upload their fillings to SpookTube. Other players then get to watch the uploaded video, helping the streamer get views and become famous. So if this is the kind of game you like, here are the best mods we could find to help you get SpookTube famous in no time.

What are the best Content Warning mods?

Best Content Warning mods
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Here are the best mods that you can download and put to use as you play Content Warning. Each mod focuses on improving a certain aspect of the gameplay, hence making it a bit better than the stock experience. All mods were also carefully picked, and we also provided explanations on what they do as well as the download for easy access.

Volume Booster mod

This mod is one of the best that we came across in our search for the best Content Warning mods. It helps players to have a better and clearer conversation with other players within the game as they go to the “Old World.” Without good communication, members of your team will be easy pickings for the monsters that dwell in the Old World.

So, why not step up your communication experience using this mod that we have here today? RamuneNeptune is the creator of this mod, and it is currently available for download via this link. Using this will help you hear your teammates as well as make you sound more audible to everyone in your team.

Larger lobby to accommodate more players

The secret to every good multiplayer game is more players, and while playing a game like Content Warning, you’ll surely need a truckload of players. This mod lets more players join the game and also lets players join the game at much later times. Officially, Content Warning only allows a total of 4 players to join a lobby before the game starts and during the game as well.

However, 4 players might be too small as you go face-to-face against some funny-looking monsters. If you have this mod by MaxWasUnavailable, you’ll be able to join and create lobbies with more than 4 players. Without this mod, you will only be able to create and join lobbies with the standard 4 players as set by Landfall at the launch of this game.

Flashcard mod

Since this is a game that requires you to record the events that take place in the Old World with a camera, you’ll need this mod. As standard, players can only record their gameplay for 90 minutes, but this brings a problem for the players.

Some players of this game can survive for much longer than 90 minutes, so they lose recording time even while still playing the game.

For such players, the Flashcard mod gives them 120 minutes of recording on their camera to capture more content for SpookTube. For these players, more content might mean more views, and more views means more popularity. You can check out and download this mod by clicking on this link as you step into your Content Warning gameplay.

Camera FPS changer

If you're familiar with cameras, then you’ll know that the FPS on a camera is an important factor when recording. This is the case especially when recording on the move, as low FPS cameras won't be able to keep up with fast-moving objects.

The higher the FPS of the camera you’re using, the more details you’ll be able to get while recording fast-moving objects.

With this mod, you’ll be able to change the FPS on the camera you’re using within Content Warning to match your desired taste. All you need to do is to set the number of FPS you want on your camera and then head into the Old World, no matter how fast you run, you’ll still get impressive video recording for your SpookTube channel.

Click this link to download the Camera FPS Changer mod for use as you head into the Old World for a spooky experience.

These are the best mods for Content Warning gameplay that you can find out there now. Each of these mods influences certain aspects of your gameplay to give you a much better experience than the regular player. All mods are available for download to all players of this game, including you. So get downloading and prepare yourself for a worthy experience as you step into the Old World to explore and record your findings for your SpookTube fans.

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