Baldur’s Gate 3 Zethino – correct answers to the love test

Baldur's Gate 3 Zethino

Baldur's Gate 3 Zethino

While your time in Faerun may be full of epic battles and head-scratching puzzles, you’ll also get the chance to take a break from all of that in different ways. One popular method of getting away from the stress of being an adventurer is through the Circus of the Last Days. In this circus, you can take the Baldur’s Gate 3 Zethino love test.

During this test, you will be asked some personal questions about companions you have a romance with. This is done as a way to test your compatibility with your allies, so you can only take the test with one romantic option at a time.

So if this sounds like something you want to ace, let’s go ahead and go through the correct answers to the Baldur’s Gate 3 Zethino love test.

How to answer correctly Zethino’s love test

Zethino’s love test will consist of three personal questions about your love interest. As such, the correct answers will change depending on who you take the test with.

Here’s a list of all the correct answers for every potential romantic partner.


  • When he’s elbow-deep in gore.
  • Revenge.
  • Breaking a nail.


  • A shiny red apple – wholesome as can be.
  • While on his balcony in Waterdeep.
  • He thinks he, and the world, might be better off if he were dead.


  • Comfort doesn’t come naturally to him – he’s restless and roaming.
  • Protecting his grove from those who threaten it.
  • Allowing the shadow curse to blight nature for a hundred years.


  • Gortash.
  • Bashing baddies interspersed with victory sex.
  • Settled down in a quiet village with a nice partner and few kids.


  • To find the truth about Orpheus amidst her queen’s lies.
  • Our night together.
  • She will be known as a liberator of the githyanki people.


  • Picking off her siblings one by one.
  • Me.
  • Let herself be captured by the cult of the Absolute.


  • Good company and an even better vintage.
  • Being discreet.
  • She can’t swim.


  • Memories of our first night getting to know each other.
  • His father, Ulder Ravengard.
  • Leaving behind his father – and his city.

Zethino will determine how compatible you are with your chosen partner based on your answers. It’s a fun little test to take, but getting all of the answers right doesn’t really benefit your party in any way.

Where can you find Zethino?

Zethino and the rest of the Circus of the Last Days can be found in a place called Rivington. This place is located in the northern area of Faerun.

You’ll be able to gain access to Rivington and Zethino’s love test during Act 3. Companions that cannot be romanced like Minsc and Jaheira will be unable to take the test.

So those are all of the correct answers to Zethino’s love test. For more help with the fantasy RPG, you might want to check out how to pass the Soft-Step Trial or how to solve the Defiled Temple floor puzzle.

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