Baldur’s Gate 3 Glut or Spaw – who to side with

Baldur's Gate 3 Glut or Spaw

Baldur's Gate 3 Glut or Spaw

Need some help with finalizing your decision on the Baldur’s Gate 3 Glut or Spaw dilemma? In this guide, we’ll be providing you with some insight on who to choose to side with at this point in the fantasy role-playing game.

Your choices do matter in Baldur’s Gate 3, so siding with a particular NPC when lines are drawn may have a significant impact on how a storyline unfolds. Making these decisions can also influence how certain companions will act toward you during your adventures.

So, let’s go ahead and see how the Baldur’s Gate 3 Glut or Spaw decision will affect your playthrough and see if choosing one over the other will benefit your party more.

Who are Glut and Spaw?

Glut and Spaw are two fungal-looking creatures called Myconids that live in the Underdark. But they are definitely not happy.

Upon meeting these NPCs for the first time, Spaw will be running the Myconid colony. But Glut still believes he should actually be the one in charge, he can do a better job

Should you side with Glut or Spaw?

Naturally, the choice will be the player’s: who is the better one at running the colony? Who you align yourself with is ultimately your decision, but many do seem to consider siding with Spaw to be the better choice.

Let’s look at the two choices and the consequences.

Siding with Spaw

When Glut offers to dispose of Spaw, turn him down and the Myconid conspirator will become hostile right away. The fight with Glut shouldn’t be too troublesome since he will be your only target.

Dispose of Glut and Spaw should give you access to a secret area that has some decent loot. After that, the colony will move on and you should be able to continue your journey.

Siding with Glut

If you choose to side with Glut here, you’ll be required to murder Spaw. But the killing doesn’t end there. You will also need to wipe out the entire colony except Glut, basically committing Myconid genocide.

Going this route will make it impossible for you to continue any quests that involve the Myconid colony. The only upside to siding with Glut is that Astarion will approve of your Myconid killing spree.

And that’s our guide on how to approach the Baldur’s Gate 3 Glut or Spaw decision. While you’re exploring the Underdark, you may want to read up on how to get past Arcane Turrets or where to get the Chest of the Mundane.

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