Baldur’s Gate 3 Harper stash – where to find it

Baldur's Gate 3 Harper stash Minthara

Baldur's Gate 3 Harper stash Minthara

At the start of Larian’s new Dungeons and Dragons game, your initial objective is to rid yourself of some parasitic tadpoles. During your adventures, you’ll come across a variety of treasures like the Baldur’s Gate 3 Harper stash. Getting your hands on this stash can be a bit challenging, so we’ve made this guide to help you out.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is full of items that aren’t so easy to reach like Noblestalk and the Chest of the Mundane. The Harper stash falls into that category as well since you’ll need to use both brains and brawn to get to it.

So, let’s get started on locating the Baldur’s Gate 3 Harper stash and what you need to do to obtain its contents. How hard can it be?

Where is the Harper stash in Baldur’s Gate 3?

The Harper stash can be found in a hidden location near Grymforge, a place within the sprawling underground region known as the Underdark. This location is revealed with the Harper map, which is found under a scuffed rock near the start of your journey.

The Underdark is a pretty large area that has multiple entrances. The quickest way to the Grymforge would be to use the entrance at the Selunite Outpost. However, you’ll need to solve the Defiled Temple floor puzzle before you can use this entry point.

Once you’re at the Selunite Outpost, follow these steps to get to the Harper stash’s exact location.

  • Make your way to the Beach waypoint and look for the Underdark Duergar Boat.
  • Choose to ride the boat into the darkness, avoid a fight with the people who appear, and you should arrive in Grymforge.
  • Pass the Grymforge waypoint and go up the stairs until you get to a plaza.
  • Make a right from the plaza and continue on the path you are on until you get to some ledges.
  • Go up the ledges until you come across a campsite.
  • Go left from the tent and keep going downhill until you see the Cragged Rock.
  • Use this rock to reach a lower platform until you encounter a suspicious treasure chest.

You’ve now made it to the Harper stash’s location, but you won’t be able to access it just yet. Remember, retrieving this stash isn’t as simple as you’d hope.

How to open the Harper stash

To retrieve the contents of the Harper stash, you’ll need to defeat some monsters, disarm a trap, and pick a lock. Here’s a more detailed look at how to do that.

  • Investigate the suspicious treasure chest to reveal that it is a mimic.
  • The mimic will call two more of its friends, defeat them to find the Toy Chest item.
  • Use the Toy Chest to reveal the treasure chest containing the Harper stash.
  • Use a Trap Disarm Toolkit, Light cantrip, or the Daylight spell on the treasure chest to disarm its trap. Failing to disarm the trap will result in your party receiving a considerable amount of damage.
  • Pick the lock and you can finally take the Harper stash for yourself.

The contents of the stash may differ with each playthrough, but so far it’s been confirmed to contain some gold, a Scroll of Evidence, a grease bottle, and an Arrow of Ice. Take note that a bug may cause the map marker for the Harper stash to remain even after looting all of its contents.

So that’s it for our guide on the Baldur’s Gate 3 Harper stash. While you’re in the Underdark, you may also want to check out our guides on where to get sussur blooms and how to get to the Adamantine Forge.

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