Baldur’s Gate 3 Free the Artist – how to find Oskar Fevras

Baldur's Gate 3 Free the Artist Oskar Fevras

Baldur's Gate 3 Free the Artist Oskar Fevras

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Free the Artist quest is one of many you can pick up early on in the game. The quest involves an NPC named Oskar Fevras, and you can start it during the game’s first act.

Though you can start Free the Artist during Act 1, a large portion of the quest won’t be accessible until much later in the story. You and your companions will go through a lot more after meeting Oskar for the first time before you can see how his story unfolds.

So, let’s go ahead and see what’s up with Oskar Fevras and learn how to complete the Baldur’s Gate 3 Free the Artist quest.

How to find Oskar Fevras

Oskar Fevras is found inside the Zhentarim Hideout during Act 1. This is the same hideout full of people that will attack you if you decide to open the caravan strongbox from the Missing Shipment quest.

To get to the Zhentarim Hideout, travel north from the Blighted Village then head northwest on the road that leads to Waukeen’s Rest. When you get to the hideout, look for the house by the stables. This house will have a door in the back that’s being blocked by some boxes.

A door guard will ask you for a passphrase before you can enter the building, so you may need to use an ability called Detect Thoughts. Once you get inside, Oskar will be near the entrance in the area that has some boxes and paintings.

How to complete Free the Artist

To complete Free the Artist, you’ll need to free Oskar from the Zhentarim Hideout, locate him again in Lower City, and then confront some supernatural entities. You can find Mr. Fevras in Lower City during Act 3.

Here’s how to complete the quest in more detail:

  • Free Oskar from the Zhentarim Hideout by purchasing him from Brem. It will cost you 1,000 gold, but there is a chance for you to release him for free or to haggle down his price through Persuasion.
  • Keep playing through the game until you get to Act 3, then head for the west side of Lower City and look for Lady Jannath’s Estate.
  • Before you enter the estate, make sure you have some form of See Invisibility. Volo’s Ersatz Eye might bug out on you here, so you should save often or use a different source of See Invisibility.
  • Head up the stairs and defeat the two ghosts on the balcony. Once the enemies are dealt with, proceed to the next floor.
  • Here you’ll find Lady Jannath and Oskar Fevras. Oskar will be possessed by ghosts so you’ll need to defeat him with non-lethal attacks.
  • Loot the key from Oskar and make your way to the Atelier on the top floor of the house. You’ll need to fight more ghosts on the way there, and Cursed Skulls can be troublesome to deal with. One effective way of dealing with Cursed Skulls is by casting Remove Curse on them.
  • Once you get to the Atelier, unlock the secret door behind Lady Jannath’s painting and open the chest at the back of the room. Once you’re done here, return to Lady Jannath.
  • After speaking with Lady Jannath, you’ll need to locate Mystic Carrion and obtain the Torch of Revocation. Mystic Carrion is found in Philgrave’s Mansion, which is also in Lower City.
  • Once you have the Torch of Revocation, return to the Jannath Estate and burn the secret painting you found behind the one of Lady Jannath.
  • Head back downstairs to find Oskar being confronted by yet another ghost.

At this point, you’ll have three options to end the quest. You can either try to convince the ghost to leave peacefully by passing a couple of checks, try to kill the ghost, or leave and let the ghost kill Oskar.

If Oskar survives the encounter, he will reward you with a portrait. This part of the quest also seems to be bugged at the moment so make sure you save before continuing.

And that’s our guide on completing the Baldur’s Gate 3 Free the Artist quest. Before jumping back into the game and finishing the quest, make sure you know how to fix the BG3 manual save issue and error code 516.

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