Baldur’s Gate 3 difficulty settings – what are the differences?

Baldur's Gate 3 difficulty settings Lae'zel

Baldur's Gate 3 difficulty settings Lae'zel

The ability to adjust how challenging a video game will be to a player has been around for decades. The Baldur’s Gate 3 difficulty settings come in the typical set of three options to choose from, but they aren’t as straightforward as easy, normal, and hard.

Whether you are battling a hag after getting through some noxious fumes or solving a floor puzzle in the Defiled Temple, Baldur’s Gate 3 will throw a variety of challenges your way. These obstacles will have varying levels of difficulty, but adjusting your difficulty settings will have an impact on your overall experience with the game.

So, let’s get into the differences between the Baldur’s Gate 3 difficulty settings and figure out which one might be best for you.

What are the differences between Baldur’s Gate 3 difficulty settings?

As you raise the difficulty level in Baldur’s Gate 3, battle will become much harder to get through. Not only will enemies have more HP in higher difficulties, but attacks from your party will be harder to land.

However, Larian Studios takes it a bit further than just making it harder to kill your enemies in Baldur’s Gate 3. Here’s a closer look at the differences between each difficulty level in the Dungeons and Dragons game.


Being equivalent to another game’s easy setting, Explorer mode will give a boost in landing attacks on targets as well as enemies having smaller HP pools. The biggest drawback to Explorer mode is that multiclassing will be disabled.


This is the game’s default mode so it doesn’t really provide any benefits to the player. Choose this setting if you want to experience the game the way it was intended to be played.


Of course, we also have Tactician mode for those looking for a challenge. Aside from enemies having more HP, they also appear in greater numbers.

But that’s not all, enemies in Tactician mode can also change up their strategies by focusing on specific targets and being more aggressive.

When can you change difficulty in Baldur’s Gate 3?

Baldur’s Gate 3 lets you change the game’s difficulty at any point in your playthrough. This is great for when players who may get stuck on certain encounters.

To adjust the game’s difficulty, just open your main menu and look for the Difficulty section. From there you can switch between Explorer, Balanced, or Tactician mode on the fly. Encounters will “magically” transform after you’ve made your choice.

And that’s all for the differences between each difficulty in Baldur’s Gate 3. For more information on the RPG, check out how to fix the companion not following issue or how to deal with error code 516.

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