Baldur’s Gate 3 backgrounds explained - which one is best?

Baldur’s Gate 3 backgrounds explained red haired character

Baldur’s Gate 3 backgrounds explained red haired character

Creating a character is all about deciding what fits you best. In Baldur’s Gate 3 it is important to choose a race and a class, of course, but there is something else that goes into the creation of your character. Let’s look at the Baldur’s Gate 3 backgrounds to find out which one might be the best.

While a background is important, naturally there are other things to consider too. For example the best weapons to equip or which characters you might want to romance.

But your overall background will change how other characters react to you, along with the type of quests you might get and the flow of your adventure. So be sure to read on to find out the answer to which one might be the best in Baldur’s Gate 3 backgrounds and which one to pick.

Baldur’s Gate 3 backgrounds explained

In Baldur’s Gate 3 backgrounds affect which Proficiencies your character might have access to. Not limited to that, they can also give you access to certain quests during the game. The choice of your background is not limited by race or class, so you are free to choose what you want in that regard.

While they won’t prevent you from accessing certain quests or won’t change how other characters react, they will give you different opportunities. For example, choosing the background of an Entertainer, might grant you more options to react with a joke or to entertain the party if they are feeling down.

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But there is something else to backgrounds too. When your character performs an action very much in tone with their Background, they will be granted Inspiration points. This is a new addition to the game which can be quite a great way to enhance your character and, actually, even the whole party.

Let’s look in better detail at how inspiration works and how your party can actually profit from it.

How inspiration works in Baldur’s Gate 3

Inspiration serves as a unique reward for accomplishing each Inspiration Goal. Upon achieving an Inspiration Goal, you earn a point of Inspiration, which is applied to your whole party. These points can be freely utilized by any of your companions in Baldur's Gate 3.

Outside of combat, Inspiration can be also activated for any Ability Check. It grants you the opportunity to retry the roll once. The maximum number of Inspiration points you can store at any given time is four. Once this limit has been reached, you can still complete how many Inspiration Goals you like. But you are not gaining any additional points.

While it might be a good idea to use Inspiration points before reaching the cap, those points are still not lost. Any points gained over the limit of Inspiration, will still turn into experience points. So this will be a pretty good trade-off in the end.

Essentially, you can look at Inspiration as being quite a bit like a safety net. These points will allow you to rectify a failed check or will enhance your chances of success in critical situations. They might indeed prove to be an invaluable asset.

But how can you choose which background might be the best for you? What are the differences between each background? Let’s take a look at them in detail.


  • Skill Proficiencies: History, Religion, Insight, Medicine, Perception

This is a really religious person, who has devoted their life in service to a temple. You will gain inspiration by performing actions true to the sacred rites you have learned and by providing sacrifices to the god or gods you worship.


  • Skill Proficiencies: Sleight of Hand, History, Medicine, Perception, Deception

As the name itself implies, this is one character who gets their enjoyment from manipulating others. They are also quite prone to exaggerating their feats and stories, and are always happy to profit from their lies and deceits. To gain inspiration, just remember to lie all the way through any conversations you might have.


  • Skill Proficiencies: Stealth, History, Medicine, Perception, Deception

This is an expert in breaking the law, along with running away from the guards and trying to survive by using their quite shadowy connections. To gain inspiration, try to take advantage of your heightened criminal sense.


  • Skill Proficiencies: Acrobatics, History, Medicine, Perception, Performance

This is a character who just enjoys making others smile, they live for the showbiz, so to speak. They like to engage both the poor and the rich alike, in their funny spectacles and shows. If you have an opportunity to tell a joke or entertain a crowd, then this character will gain inspiration points.

Folk Hero

  • Skill Proficiencies: History, Animal Handling, Medicine, Perception, Survival

This is a character worshiped by the common people, who loves challenging evil people and slaying monsters to protect the folk. They defend children and anyone who needs help. This character will gain inspiration by always being first in line to saving innocents from danger.

Guild Artisan

  • Skill Proficiencies: History, Insight, Medicine, Perception, Persuasion

Someone who is skilled in a particular craft and has been taken on by a mercantile guild. This will offer particular privileges and protection, also with others from the same background. Gaining inspiration will be all about engaging in repairs and discovering rare objects.


  • Skill Proficiencies: History, Religion, Insight, Medicine, Perception

This character loves to be left alone and has sworn they will live alone and far away from society as much as possible. Definitely a goal that many might get behind. Choosing to avoid company, whenever possible, will make this character gain inspiration points.

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  • Skill Proficiencies: History, Religion, Medicine, Perception, Persuasion

This character grew up in a rich family and they belong to the social elite. They might be even a little stuck up. In order to gain inspiration, they will have to go about gaining power and loyalty from others.


  • Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, History, Insight, Perception, Survival

Growing up alone in the wilds, this character has learned how to survive without modern commodities. Their inspiration will be all about trying to survive hazards in the wild, thus enhancing their understanding of certain obstacles.

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  • Skill Proficiencies: Arcana, History, Religion, Insight, Perception

This is a character who is always thirsty for more knowledge. Their inspiration will be all about learning new things, especially rare lore of the world. Try to read as many books as you want and examine nature and animals around you.


  • Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Religion, Insight, Perception

This character is very familiar with anything that has to do with ships and fishes. They will gain inspiration when they can either go against creatures of the deep or know more about the sea and its mysteries.


  • Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Intimidation

A character who is highly skilled in both tactics and combat. They have been trained to endure hardships and hard fighting. They will gain inspiration by showing their use of tactics on the battlefield and surviving through harsh combat.


  • Skill Proficiencies: Sleight of Hand, Stealth, Religion, Insight, Perception

This character has survived through a harsh childhood on the streets, learning to survive on their own. They will gain inspiration by showing their abilities at staying alive and their street smarts.

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Which background in Baldur's Gate 3 is the best?

The best background in Baldur’s Gate 3 clearly depends on the class that you have chosen, as some combinations will work better than others.

These are the best combinations we have found:

  • Bard: Charlatan, Criminal, Entertainer, Guild Artisan
  • Barbarian: Folk Hero, Outlander, Soldier
  • Cleric: Acolyte, Outlander
  • Druid: Acolyte, Folk Hero, Outlander
  • Fighter: Outlander, Soldier
  • Monk: Acolyte, Criminal, Folk Hero, Outlander, Soldier
  • Ranger: Acolyte, Criminal, Folk Hero, Outlander, Urchin
  • Rogue: Charlatan, Criminal, Entertainer, Urchin
  • Paladin: Acolyte, Folk Hero, Guild Artisan, Noble, Outlander, Soldier
  • Sorcerer: Charlatan, Criminal, Noble, Soldier, Urchin
  • Warlock: Charlatan, Criminal, Guild Artisan, Soldier, Urchin
  • Wizard: Acolyte, Noble, Sage

Still, that is only a generic guide which can be used to have a sense of which backgrounds work better for each class. Consider that, as we mentioned earlier, you can choose any background you want with your class. Clearly, it depends on what sort of character you might want to build. These combinations can be a good idea if you are looking to create a very focused character, which might “make sense”.

But, Baldur’s Gate 3 is also all about having fun. There is really nothing wrong with wanting to go into a different direction, by choosing a background which might not really be traditional in that sense. Do not worry if you want to build a character with a very diverse background which might not make sense at first. Experiment with classes and backgrounds and definitely have fun.

That’s all we have for you on Baldur’s Gate 3 backgrounds and which one might be the best for you. For more information on this encompassing RPG, check out our guide on Steam Deck performance and best settings.

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