Avowed Steam Deck - performance and best settings

Avowed Steam Deck - performance and best settings

Avowed Steam Deck - performance and best settings

Many players are now wondering about the best Steam Deck performance settings for Avowed. One reason is that Avowed is slated to be released in 2024, and it is even listed on Steam.

Just like Starfield resulting in a much-improved game, Avowed is also expected to have jaw-dropping features. Players have been waiting for updates since 2022, and they deserve all possible visual and gameplay treats from Avowed.

If you want to know the best Avowed settings for Steam Deck, this article can definitely help you.

Avowed Steam Deck performance

Since the game isn't released yet, it's difficult to provide specific information on Avowed's performance on the Steam Deck.

However, looking at the Avowed system requirements, we can make informed estimations about the potential performance on Steam Deck. From the available information, it seems that the minimum requirements to run the game are relatively modest.

Considering the hardware specifications of the Steam Deck, which includes a custom AMD APU with a quad-core Zen 2 CPU, an RDNA 2 GPU, and 16 GB of RAM, it should be capable of delivering solid performance for Avowed.

While specific frame rates and graphical settings cannot be accurately predicted without official information, it is highly likely that Avowed will run smoothly on the Steam Deck.

However, to obtain precise performance details, it is essential to await official benchmarks and reviews after the release of Avowed.

Avowed Steam Deck best settings

Since Avowed will be an open-world, high-magic RPG, it's expected to have phenomenal environmental details. The level of detail can be a little problematic for the Steam Deck, so proper graphics adjustments are needed.

Here are the best Avowed Steam Deck settings that you can try:

  • FPS Limit: 60
  • Refresh Rate: 60
  • Half-Rate Shading: Off
  • TDP Limit: 10
  • Filter Scaling: Linear
  • GPU Clock: Disabled
  • Proton Layer: Proton 8.0
  • Graphics: Medium settings

Keep in mind that these settings are purely speculative right now, and they will be updated later.

Also, the suggested settings above are not fixed or permanent. You can freely adjust them according to your preferences. If you like fancy graphics, you don't have to set all textures to low.

Keep updated regarding Avowed's progress, development, and Steam Deck rumours by visiting Obsidian Entertainment's Twitter account or Avowed's Steam community hub!

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