Armored Core 6 Steam Deck – performance and best settings

Armored Core 6 Steam Deck

Armored Core 6 Steam Deck

Are you considering an Armored Core 6 Steam Deck playthrough? Then, we might be able to help you out. In this article, we’ll take a glimpse at what may be the mech game’s best settings and performance on Valve’s handheld platform.

Fires of Rubicon will mark the Armored Core franchise’s return after a decade-long hiatus. Of course, with it will also come all of the mech-based combat and customization you know and love from previous installments.

We won’t be able to test the Armored Core 6 Steam Deck performance until its official release, but FromSoftware has confirmed that the game will be fully supported on the portable PC.

Armored Core 6 best settings on Steam Deck

Considering what we have seen for Elden Ring’s performance on the Steam Deck, we can make some assumptions. Here are the best Steam Deck settings to run Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon with a decent framerate:

  • Resolution: 1200x800
  • Textures: Maximum
  • Anti-aliasing: High
  • SSAO: Medium
  • Depth of Field Quality: High
  • Motion Blur: Off
  • Shadow Quality: Medium
  • Lighting Quality: Medium
  • Effects Quality: Low
  • Volumetric Quality: Low
  • Reflection Quality: High
  • Shader Quality: High
  • Global Illumination: High

Keep in mind that these settings are purely based on speculation at the moment, but they will be updated once we get more information. Also, remember that you are free to change any of these settings at any point to fit your personal preferences.

Armored Core 6 Steam Deck performance

Sticking with the settings listed above, you can expect to get a steady 30 FPS frame rate. Making a few tweaks here and there could bump you up to 40 FPS, but 60 FPS doesn’t seem likely.

But again, this is all based on speculation and you’re free to find the right balance of settings that will suit you. And don’t forget, changing up some of your Steam Deck’s settings can also affect its battery life.

So until we get further details, that’s it for Armored Core 6’s best settings for Steam Deck. For more information on the game, you can check out its system requirements and other platforms it will be on.

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