Armored Core 6 Retrieve Combat Logs – how to get S Rank

Armored Core 6 retrieve combat logs

Armored Core 6 retrieve combat logs

Having trouble completing the Armored Core 6 Retrieve Combat Logs mission? Most missions in this mech-based brawler involve engaging in combat against other giant robots, but not this one. In this Chapter 1 mission, you are tasked with locating at least 5 combat logs.

In most Armored Core 6 missions, you’re going to want to customize your mech with combat in mind. But for Retrieve Combat Logs, you may want to consider building your AC for speed and movement since it has a 4-minute time limit.

The time constraint makes this one of the more stressful missions to go through, so let’s get started on going through the details of the Armored Core 6 Retrieve Combat Logs mission.

How to get S Rank for Retrieve the Combat Logs quest

To get an S ranking for Retrieve Combat Logs, try locating all combat logs before the timer runs out. You’ll only need to retrieve 5 logs to complete the mission, but there are a total of 8 on the map.

Normally, you’d get a higher rank for completing missions by not using any checkpoints, achieving the objective quickly, or taking minimal damage. But for the Retrieve Combat Logs mission, locating more than 5 logs within the time limit can also help raise your ranking.

Take note that even after obtaining all of the combat logs for this mission, the timer will continue to count down. Just wait for the timer to reach 0 and you should still be able to complete the mission as long as you have enough combat logs.

Combat log locations

The combat logs in this mission are usually spotted by looking for the fires and smoke on the map. Here are more specific details on how to locate each one:

  • Combat Log 1: At the beginning of the mission, head left until you see a wreckage that is being guarded by an enemy.
  • Combat Log 2: Look for two large pipe structures on the map. It should have a wreckage containing a combat log in between them.
  • Combat Log 3: There is another wreckage with a combat log to the left of the pipe structure.
  • Combat Log 4: After using a jump pad to reach the cliffside, another wreckage should be to the right.
  • Combat Log 5: Also found on the cliff, this combat log should be right across from where you retrieved Combat Log 4.
  • Combat Log 6: Look for the large wreckage with a broken AC near Combat Log 5’s location. This is where you’ll find the sixth combat log.
  • Combat Log 7: Look for the large wall and head towards it until you reach a bunch of buildings. Keep following the path here and you should find another wreckage with a combat log.
  • Combat Log 8: From the location of Combat Log 7, jump down to the street and the last combat log should be nearby.

And that’s it for our guide on how to get Rank S on the Armored Core 6 Retrieve Combat Logs mission. For more guides on the mech action game, check out how to beat Balteus and the sea spider boss.

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