Is Armored Core 6 open world?

Armored Core 6 open world - white mech

Armored Core 6 open world - white mech

Now that Armored Core 6’s release date is here, the game made a lot of players excited about the upcoming mech battles. Still, one question is being asked by many players worldwide: is Armored Core 6 open world?

Having an open-world mech battling game is the dream of many Armored Core fans worldwide. Such an open-world mech battler will have dozens of skirmishes powered by a dedicated multiplayer system.

So, is Armored Core 6 open world? Read this guide further to find out. We’ve gathered the latest bits of information about the possibility of Armored Core 6’s open-world gameplay.

Is Armored Core 6 open world?

According to game director Masru Yamamura, Armored Core 6 is not open world. The game contains a linear structure filled with single-player missions. Within the missions, players must reach specific goals and targets.

Even though Armored Core 6 has a linear structure, it still maintained the hype through immersive battles and mission flexibility. Before every mission, players have the chance to build and optimize their Armored Cores for intense battles ahead.

FromSoftware has also considered the possibility of open-world gameplay during the early stages of development. However, the company has decided to focus on the real spirit of Armored Core: rewarding game progression.

Does Armored Core 6 have a destructible environment?

Based on Armored Core 6’s cutscenes and gameplay footage, the game will indeed feature a destructible environment. The immersive, destructible environment was made possible by Armored Core 6’s Havok engine.

If you’re a fan of chaotic mech battlers, you’d love the way buildings are destroyed in Armored Core 6. Cannon shells and mech rounds can bring down structures easily, making debris scatter all over the battlefield. Plus, you might even see mech parts getting blown away when being hit directly by bullets or rockets.

Are you still excited upon knowing that Armored Core 6 is not open world? Perhaps you might feel more excited by checking Armored Core 6’s customization options and cross-platform gameplay.

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