Armored Core 6 Game Pass - Is it available?

Armored Core 6 Game Pass - picture of a downed Armored Core
Credit: FromSoftware

Armored Core 6 Game Pass - picture of a downed Armored Core
Credit: FromSoftware

As the hype for Armored Core 6 continues to rise every day, lots of players are getting curious if the game will be released on Xbox Game Pass. There were numerous speculations related to Armored Core 6’s release date and platforms covered. So, the question is still imminent: is Armored Core 6 on Game Pass?

Aside from Armored Core 6’s Game Pass availability, players are also inquiring about the game’s extensive multiplayer function. A dedicated multiplayer function appeals greatly to players because of the possibility of immersive online mech battles.

So, is Armored Core 6 on Game Pass? Read this article further to learn if FromSoftware has decided to release Armored Core 6 on Xbox Game Pass.

Is Armored Core 6 on Game Pass?

According to FromSoftware, Armored Core 6 is not coming to Game Pass. One notable reason is FromSoftware’s strictness when it comes to game releases. It’s still possible for Armored Core 6 to be released on Game Pass in the future, but we are pretty sure that this not going to happen on the launch date.

Releasing Armored Core 6 to Gamepass will also require FromSoftware to enter a professional deal with Microsoft. Armored Core players and fans are looking forward to such a deal because Game Pass allows a complete Day One gaming experience. Plus, Game Pass is known for its exciting bonuses and membership rewards.

Many Xbox owners got excited upon seeing the action-packed gameplay footage of Armored Core 6. This led to the growing anticipation for Armored Core 6 getting released on Xbox Game Pass. Fans and players also believe that the growing hype for Armored Core 6 might compel FromSoftware to reconsider its decision about Game Pass.

How will Armored Core 6 perform on Xbox

Based on the gameplay footage, Armored Core 6 will have exceptional graphics quality on Xbox. Even though FromSoftware is more focused on PC development, the company will release hotfixes and optimization patches over time. This is the common pattern of FromSoftware for its past games.

Additionally, since Armored Core 6 is built on Havok Engine, it can fully adapt to the asset-rendering power of Xbox. Plus, Xbox is also keen on launching consistent performance updates.

Now that you’re aware of Armored 6 not getting released on Game Pass, perhaps you might be interested to know about the game’s official release information on PS5 and PS4. So no worries, you can still enjoy Armored Core 6 on different platforms.

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