Armored Core 6 early access - how to play early

Armored Core 6 early access robot face

Armored Core 6 early access robot face

Fans of mech battles and customizing robots have definitely something to look forward to with the latest title from FromSoftware. But what if you can't wait? Then let's look at how we can get Armored Core 6 early access and see if we can actually play early.

Players look forward to dozens of action-packed mecha battles and a diverse set of customization options. There's something for everyone.

But if you're one of those fans that can't wait too long to get their hands on the game, let's find out if Armored Core 6 early access is indeed a possibility.

How to play Armored Core 6 early

While there is no early access plan, usually pre-ordering a digital edition of the game while your time zone is set in New Zealand gets you to play a few days earlier than everyone else. This trick clearly works on consoles and PC as well.

That used to be an internet rumor but it actually seems to work. It is quite simple to do on Xbox, while Sony has put in some new barriers to prevent you from using it. On PlayStation, now you have to register an account from scratch while selecting location in New Zealand. It is not possible to change location once you have created an account.

Also keep in mind that this way, the game is locked on that account, so you'll have to keep playing using that.

But that's not all about early unlocks. If you are pre-ordering the digital deluxe edition, which is just ten dollars more than the standard one, you also get to early unlock some extra stuff. For example, you will get the Melander C3 parts set and the Emblem right away, without having to play through the game to unlock them.

Armored Core 6 release date

There is not much longer to wait, since Armored Core 6 will be released on August 25, 2023. For many players, the release date might come indeed sooner than expected, while others have been waiting for so long that it might be too late.

Additionally, Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon will have several pre-order editions and also a collector's edition which will cost you 229$. The physical collector's edition comes with bonuses such as an actual statuette, plus artbooks, stickers a game figurine, a digital artbook, and in-game customization options.

That's all we have for you no how to get Armored Core 6 early access. But if you're curious for more FromSoftware goodness, check out our guide on how to fix Elden Ring not opening on PC.

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