Armored Core 6 crossplay and cross-progression explained

Armored Core 6 crossplay

Armored Core 6 crossplay

If you’re a fan of giant mechs duking it out on the battlefield, then you may be wondering if Armored Core 6 crossplay will be a thing. With crossplay, you’ll get the chance to battle more mechs from people playing on different platforms.

FromSoftware, the developers behind Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, are also the same people who made popular soulslike games like Elden Ring and the Dark Souls franchise. Though Armored Core 6’s vehicular combat genre is vastly different from these other titles, it is shaping up to be a great addition to FromSoftware’s catalogue of games.

So let’s check out the Armored Core 6 crossplay situation to see if we can challenge our friends on different platforms to some metal-warping mech combat.

Does Armored Core 6 support crossplay?

There’s no official word on the status of crossplay in Armored Core 6 just yet, but we can make a well-educated guess. Past titles from FromSoftware did not include the crossplay feature, so we should expect the same for the mech battler.

While the benefits of having crossplay are quite obvious, the decision to exclude the feature from certain games is usually made to make multiplayer games run a lot smoother.

There’s still time for FromSoftware to confirm crossplay in Armored Core 6 before its release or add it in a future update, right now it seems unlikely that players will get the chance to battle their friends who play on different platforms.

Does Armored Core 6 support cross-platform progression?

Just like with crossplay support, cross-platform progression has yet to be confirmed for Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon. We will update this guide as soon as we have more information.

But unlike crossplay, previous FromSoftware games, such as Elden Ring, have supported cross-platform progression. This feature will allow you to switch between PC and console while progressing with the same save file.

And that about wraps up crossplay’s status in Armored Core 6. If you want to know more about the game, feel free to check out its system requirements and what other platforms it will be on.

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