Ark: Survival Ascended map list

attacking dino with bow and arrow in a pond
Credit: Studio Wildcard

attacking dino with bow and arrow in a pond
Credit: Studio Wildcard

Ark: Survival Ascended, the newest addition to the franchise, although released, is still in early access, but players are already hooked. With the game being the remake of Ark: Survival Evolved from 2017, your goal remains the same, tame and survive. However, the key to your survival is map selection.

Therefore, you must know the Ark: Survival Ascended map list and how each map ranks, before you even launch the game.

These maps bring different perks, creatures, and zones, which can make or break your game. It is of utmost importance to understand every map and know what to expect, and that is why we have a list of available maps in Ark: Survival Ascended for you.

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Ark: Survival Ascended map list

Unfortunately, Studio Wildcard Studio has made The Island the solitary map in Ark: Survival Ascended. This map is the only option with the game being in the early access phase. This automatically makes it the best map in Ark: Survival Ascended. However, The Island is not a bad choice, and it is considered the premier map in Ark: Survival Evolved.

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Credit: Wildcard Studio
Exploring the island

The map has diverse climate zones from forests, and jungles, to mountains and swamps, all of which offer distinctive challenges for players. The wildlife is rich as well but it is more focused on lower level dinos, with a couple of Alpha beasts.

Moreover, The Island stores several artefacts needed to summon alpha Broodmother Lysrix.

All of this makes The Island an excellent starting map for new players and for all of those who want to familiarize themselves with the game. There are a couple of drawbacks, but with a promise to add new maps, these downsides aren't worth mentioning at the moment.

Ark Survival: Evolved map list

In contrast to Ark: Survival Ascended, the previous version of the game, Ark: Survival Evolved, offered a wide array of 12 maps, each with its own unique biomes and challenges. Here is the complete list of maps from Ark: Survival Evolved:

  1. The Island
  2. Aberration
  3. Extinction
  4. Ragnarok
  5. Scorched Earth
  6. Valguero
  7. Crystal Isles
  8. Fjordur
  9. Lost Island
  10. The Center
  11. Genesis Part 1
  12. Genesis Part 2

Some of these maps were free DLC, some required a purchase but each offered something new to the overall gameplay.

Will Ark: Survival Ascended have more maps?

The future for Ark: Survival Ascended is very bright and for its fans as well. While The Island is now the only playable map, this won't be for too long. Studio Wildcard plans to reincarnate the old and popular maps from Ark: Survival Evolved, such as Lost Island, Fjordur, Crystal Isles, and Ragnarok, among others. These maps were heavily trafficked thanks to the unique experience they provided.

Moreover, Studio Wildcard has confirmed that all maps from Ark: Survival Evolved will make their way to the base game without any additional cost. However, the timeline of these additions is still a mystery, but according to reports, in 2024, Ark: Survival Ascended is planned to receive the expansions Aberration, Extinction, Genesis Part 1 and Genesis Part 2.

It will be a busy year for the developers, as the game is also expected to launch on Xbox Series and PlayStation 5, though the later has now been delayed.

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