Are Warframe servers down? Find status and downtime

Are Warframe servers down - picture of Tennos
Credit: Warframe

Are Warframe servers down - picture of Tennos
Credit: Warframe

Are Warframe servers down? Such a question is common among Warframe communities and groups. It's indeed annoying if you're expecting to grind for some cool Warframes and you've encountered a sudden server downtime notice.

Warframe's server downtime pattern is almost similar to World of Warcraft downtimes. One reason is that both games are already massive, and they receive numerous patches over time.

If you want to learn more about Warframe server downtimes, continue reading this article.

Warframe server status

At the time of writing on 8 June 2023, Warframe servers appear to be fully functional.

So, if you're encountering technical errors or slowdowns, consider checking your Internet connection. Perhaps your WiFi connection is unstable or other programs in your device consume heavy bandwidth.

It is worth mentioning that Warframe's server status is subject to change over time. As patches are continuously introduced, Warframe might encounter technical issues here and there.

How to check if Warframe servers are down?

There are several ways to check if Warframe servers are down, and they're not difficult to do.

Here are the ways of checking if Warframe servers are down:

Since Warframe is a popular game, it will always receive continuous updates, patches, and hotfixes. Any potential downtime in Warframe servers will likely last for only a few hours.

How long does server maintenance take in Warframe?

There's no standard time for maintenance as it depends on the nature and scale of the updates or fixes being applied.

Some maintenance sessions might take only a few minutes, while larger updates or patches could take several hours. However, typically, Warframe's server maintenance takes approximately 3 hours.

For the most accurate information, you should refer to the game's social media channels, as the developers, Digital Extremes, regularly provide updates and expected downtime when maintenance is scheduled.

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