Are Halo Infinite servers down? Status and downtime

Halo Infinite servers down player in red suit

Halo Infinite servers down player in red suit
October 26: A new patch dropped today, however, services have resumed operating regularly.

Several players have been encountering connection errors such as no ping and the campaign not loading lately, leading them to question whether the Halo Infinite servers are down.

Those are not the only issues here as gamers have found even more problems such as the Packet Loss error. But still, luckily these are problems which have a simple solution.

Let's find out, then, all about the Halo Infinite servers, if they are down and what is happening with their status.

Are the Halo Infinite servers down?

As of October 26, 2023, the Halo Infinite servers seem to be working without any issues. A new patch dropped today, with servers going offline for a brief period of time, but they're back online with no issues

Still, that doesn't mean there might be problems in the future, depending on the number of players or specific local issues, your gameplay might suffer slowdowns or some servers might even refuse your connection.

If you are experiencing problems logging in or similar connection issues, we would recommend that you try again in a bit. Even waiting just 10 minutes might solve your problem.

Another quick fix might be of avoiding playing during peak times in your area, thus having to fight for your space in the server, even before the real fighting in the game starts.

How to check the real-time Halo Infinite server status

Halo Infinite servers down
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Are Halo Infinite servers down?

In order to check the real-time Halo Infinite server status, there are several ways to do so.

First and foremost, heading to the official Twitter page can give you updated information, especially if there are specific problems ongoing on servers or scheduled maintenance.

Beyond social media, if you're after a more direct source of information, it might be a good idea to take a look at Down Detector. The website features user reports regarding the server status of Halo Infinite, in real-time.

If you see a spike in user reports on Down Detector for the Halo Infinite servers, then it might indicate that it is not simply your issue. If reports in the latest hours are increasing, then chances are, there might be something wrong with the servers.

How long are Halo Infinite servers down?

The duration of the Halo Infinite servers downtime can vary depending on the type of maintenance being performed. Here are the expected durations for each type:

  • Quick restart: The servers are restarted and typically become available again within 15 minutes. This type of downtime is relatively short.
  • New season launch: The servers might be brought down for a few hours, usually between 2 and 3. New season launches will be featured also on the official Halo Twitter page.
  • Planned maintenance: In this situation, the servers might be brought down for up to 8 hours. While there is no planned maintenance at the time of writing, we would advise you to keep an eye on the official Twitter page for updates on when they are planned.

Therefore, depending on the type of maintenance or new feature that is being launched, the Halo Infinite servers might be not available for as little as 15 minutes up to several hours during the launch of a new season, for example.

We would advise you to keep watching the social media pages and wait patiently.

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