What does Arachnophobia mode do in Lethal Company?

Arachnophobia mode Lethal Company - a monster killed with a shovel

Spiders are definitely some freak creatures, with their hairy bodies and their long windy legs. It is normal to be scared of them. So what can you do to prevent it? Well we have good news as we'll explain all about what the Arachnophobia mode does in Lethal Company.

The game has been making the rounds as one of the cult hits of this year, because there's plenty of fun to be had. Both running away from monsters and also using quirky weapons such as the shovel.

But we want to know how to avoid spiders in our game, right? Then let's find out all about the arachnophobia mode in Lethal Company.

What is arachnophobia mode in Lethal Company?

This is a mode that's been implemented in a lot of games, such as Grounded. What it does is removing all kinds of spider-like creatures from the game, replacing them with, well, a word "SPIDER". Clearly, that's going in for a bit of joke, since in other cases, this mode would just remove the monsters from the game altogether or replace them with something else.

This does not alter the experience in any significant way, it surely won't make these monsters any less dangerous. But, it might help if you are really scared of our hairy eight-legged animal friends.

How to activate Arachnophobia mode in Lethal Company

In order to turn on the Arachnophobia Mode in Lethal Company, just head to the settings menu and select the related option.
Here are the steps:

  • Launch the game and the Settings menu.
  • All the way to the bottom right, find the Accessibility section.
  • Select "Arachnophobia Mode".
  • Now just click on "confirm changes" and save.

That's all you have to do to activate the Arachnophobia mode in Lethal Company. For more information on the game, why not check out our guides on how to respawn.

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