When will the Apple Vision Pro be released in the UK?

Apple Vision Pro headset in front of the UK flag
Credit: Apple

Apple Vision Pro headset in front of the UK flag
Credit: Apple

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While most consumers will likely avoid the Apple Vision Pro due to its niche appeal and high price, there's some UK customers who are avidly waiting for the release - but when will it arrive for us Brits?

The Apple Vision Pro has reached 180,000 pre-orders in the States so far, with the Apple Vision Pro specs offering an excitingly powerful piece of tech, and a devastatingly high price to match it too. To make things worse, the Apple Vision Pro reviews don't paint it as the best VR headset ever made, but it's at least a great contender. If that excites you enough to wonder when it'll arrive here, look no further.

Apple Vision Pro UK release date estimate

There's no release date for the Apple Vision Pro in the UK just yet, with a broad 2024 window currently suggested. However, we believe that it'll arrive here around June 2024, when Apple hosts its WWDC event for this year.

Unfortunately, there's nothing concrete right now except our own intuition. As soon as an official release date is revealed by Apple, we'll be updating this guide to reflect the launch.

Apple Vision Pro UK price

The Apple Vision Pro's price started at $3,499 in the US, with it getting higher as the storage sizes increase. That's not including state tax either, and while we'd hope that the conversion rate would matter, it likely won't.

Therefore, we imagine the UK price would be between £3,499 and £3,699. Other Apple products have a higher price point than the US MSRP, so it could be a similar situation again for the Vision Pro. Potentially even more if you buy it through scalpers on eBay.

At the very least, when it comes to prices, the Meta Quest 3 has a win over the Apple Vision Pro. And the with Meta copying Apple Vision Pro's major features, that price will likely be a difficult one to swallow for most folks.

For now, we'll have to wait and see the official details from Apple as to when the device will arrive in the UK, and the price of it too. However, it's likely to be a very niche headset globally. At least until the Apple Vision Pro cheaper version arrives.

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