Aliens Dark Descent multiplayer - does it have multiplayer or co-op features?

does aliens dark descent have multiplayer

does aliens dark descent have multiplayer

Aliens: Dark Descent is the latest video game to spawn from the highly popular Alien franchise. And since dealing with a Xenomorph infestation alone is a horrifying thought to entertain, fans are asking - does Aliens: Dark Descent have multiplayer?

Though some of the more known Alien games are first-person shooters, Dark Descent changes it up by going with tactical top-down isometric gameplay. The change may be jarring to some, but it does manage to capture the suspense-fueled essence of the original movies.

But will it really just be you against a horde of Xenomorphs? Let's find out! While you are here check out the classes and best weapons in the game.

Does Aliens: Dark Descent have multiplayer?

No, Aliens: Dark Descent does not have multiplayer. It is understandable why some people would think so, given that it's being described as a squad-based game.

The way it actually works is, the player will have control over a squad of four colonial marines. Think of it like controlling four units in an RTS or managing a four-person party in an RPG.

So yeah, it really will be just you against a creeping swarm of Xenomorphs. But hey, nothing's stopping you from inviting your friends over while you play, anyway. You know, for emotional support.

Will Aliens: Dark Descent get multiplayer in the future?

No plans for any sort of multiplayer have been revealed for Dark Descent just yet. That may change in the future, but we wouldn't get my hopes up.

It is worth noting though that those who have played the game are saying it's perfectly fine without any sort of multiplayer mode. In fact, managing each member of your squad is part of the game's personality.

So if you're looking to shoot some Xenomorphs in the face with some of your buddies, Aliens: Dark Descent might not be the game for you. You can try other games set in the Alien universe that do have co-op modes like Aliens Fireteam Elite.

And that covers everything about the Aliens Dark Descent multiplayer feature. Before you leave, check out how to manage stress in the game.

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