Aliens Dark Descent - all 5 classes explained

Aliens Dark Descent - all 5 classes explained

Aliens Dark Descent - all 5 classes explained

If you are eager to know about the different classes in Aliens: Dark Descent, this guide is for you!

In Aliens: Dark Descent, the key to survival lies in the mastery of the diverse skills possessed by your squad. As you navigate the haunting depths of the game's harrowing landscapes, the success of your mission hinges upon the unique advantages each class brings to the table.

In this article, we delve into the depths of Aliens: Dark Descent, uncovering the secrets behind each of the game's five classes.

Classes in Aliens: Dark Descent

There are five unique classes in Aliens: Dark Descent, and they are Gunner, Medic, Recon, Sergeant, and Tecker.

Each class brings a unique set of skills, strengths, and weaknesses, shaping the dynamic gameplay and survival strategies employed by both the courageous marines and the deadly Xenomorphs.

Here is a breakdown of each class and what they offer the best in Aliens Dark Descent:

Heavy firepower and squad cover
Aggressive, frontline combat
M56 Smart Gun
Healing and stress management
Supportive, staying close to team and healing
Healing tools
Scouting and threat identification
Agile, quick, staying ahead of the team
Light Pulse Rifle
Squad management and morale boosting
Leadership, directing squad movements and strategies
SA.357 Revolver
Hacking and manipulating systems
Tactical, careful maneuvering through obstacles and systems


Renowned for its devastating firepower and unrivalled fire support capabilities, the Gunner assumes a pivotal role within the squad. Their mission is clear: to provide heavy artillery and secure vital cover for their comrades during treacherous encounters with the relentless Xenomorph threat.

As the squad's vanguard, the Gunner takes the lead in combat, fearlessly charging into the fray to create a buffer zone for their team to manoeuvre and strategize. Their unwavering resolve and proficiency with the M56 Smart Gun make them the primary damage dealer and stalwart defender.


In the treacherous world of Aliens: Dark Descent, the Medic class stands as the beacon of hope, serving as the crucial lifeline for the survival of the team. The primary purpose of the Medic class is to tend to the squad's health and manage their stress levels.

Armed with essential healing abilities and a deep understanding of medical care, the Medic becomes the indispensable guardian of the squad's well-being. With their comprehensive healing skills, the Medic ensures that the team remains in optimal physical condition, bolstering their chances of surviving the relentless onslaught of the Xenomorph threat.


In the perilous world of Aliens: Dark Descent, the Recon class takes on the crucial role of the agile and perceptive scout, armed with a Light Pulse Rifle. At the core of the Recon class is the responsibility to gather critical information and offer strategic guidance to the team.

With their exceptional agility and acute observation skills, they take the lead in scouting ahead, identifying potential threats, and ensuring the path is clear of lurking Xenomorph dangers. Their keen awareness of the surroundings becomes the key to the team's survival, allowing them to make informed decisions and avoid unexpected encounters that could spell doom.


In the heart-pounding realm of Aliens: Dark Descent, the Sergeant class emerges as the charismatic and strategic team leader, holding the reins of the squad's destiny in their capable hands. Their tactical acumen and unwavering resolve serve as a beacon of hope, steering the team towards victory.

The purpose of the Sergeant transcends mere command; they become the guiding light that illuminates the path to survival and success. Their ability to inspire bravery and maintain control amidst chaos proves invaluable. In the heat of battle, the Sergeant's leadership becomes the catalyst that turns the tide, instilling unwavering determination and unwavering camaraderie within the squad.


In the immersive world of Aliens: Dark Descent, the Tecker class emerges as the intellectual powerhouse within the squad, renowned for their resourcefulness and exceptional hacking skills. Their role revolves around the manipulation of systems, opening doors, disabling security measures, and ultimately paving the way for the squad's success.

The Tecker's purpose within the team is to provide invaluable tactical support through their ability to hack and manipulate the game environment to the squad's advantage. With their expertise, they ensure that the path ahead is clear of obstacles and threats, minimizing potential dangers and increasing the team's chances of survival.

And that covers all 5 classes in Aliens: Dark Descent Together, these classes form an essential collective, forging a path towards victory by overcoming the relentless and terrifying challenges that await.

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