How to fix "A fatal error occurred when running Fusee" issue

how to solve a fatal error occurred on fusee

how to solve a fatal error occurred on fusee

Nintendo Switch pirates have been getting a warning that says "A fatal error occurred when running Fusee", which has annoyed many gamers. Considering how complicated it is to hack and jailbreak consoles, many are hoping to find a quick solution so they can continue their gaming.

Before we discuss that, we don’t advocate for piracy and recommend that players get their own legal copies of Switch games before modding or downloading roms of them. Unless the game is no longer readily available, we feel that owning the game before modding it into stronger hardware is the way to go.

With all that being said, can the fatal error on Fusee be fixed? Are Switch pirates going to need to do something extreme to get it working? Here’s what we know about it.

How does a fatal error occur on Fusee?

According to users on Reddit, Switch pirates are likely to get the "A fatal error occurred when running Fusee" error when updating to the newest version of Atmosphere. It seems that the update isn’t ready yet, so users will have to wait for another one before things get better.

For now, Switch modders will want to stick with the current stock firmware that’s available for this mod. It shouldn’t be too hard to find online, as long as modders know where to look for these things.

It’s always tempting to update to the latest firmware, as that usually means quality-of-life improvements and better performance. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with the latest Atmosphere update, so modders should avoid that for now.

How to fix the "A fatal error occurred when running Fusee" issue

To fix the "A fatal error occurred when running Fusee" issue, Switch modders will have to go back to stock firmware. Thankfully, this is a fairly easy issue to solve as there are quite a few solutions to this annoying bug.

Going back to stock firmware is easy, as players simply have to press the power button on the Switch for 15 to 20 seconds. Make sure that auto RCM is off, as that might go back to the newest software.

However, that might not be a bad thing, as there’s a supposed new update that can fix this issue. Fans are reporting that Atmosphere now has the correct update, which means players won’t go through this.

That’s how you can solve the fatal error issue on Fusee. For more on the Nintendo Switch, check out this update on the Switch 2.

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