Warning: Chromebook security flaw can give strangers your location

A newly discovered Chromebook security flaw could leak your location history. In just a few short seconds, anyone with access to your physical device could discover some very private details.

Hidden in Chrome OS' Guest mode feature, this latest Chromebook bug doesn't require any knowledge of a user’s password. As a result, this is one of the most glaring security oversights in recent times.

What is the Chromebook Security Flaw?

Any Chromebook that has access to the Guest Mode feature is currently at risk of the Chromebook Security flaw.

Chrome OS stores bizarrely user WiFi information in unprotected memory. Due to the OS' Guest mode feature not requiring any passwords to access general folders, anyone with the technical know-how can access and read these files.

The WiFi logs are hard to understand, but they can be paired with other information available in Guest mode to decipher a user’s location. These logs keep data for as long as seven days, allowing the intruder to know multiple places the device owner has been to.

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When will Google fix this issue?

Google is currently aware of the issue but hasn't explained what the company will be doing to combat it.  For now, users are expected to disable Guest mode until the feature gets fixed. On top of that, users are expected to limit access to the device from other users.

“We are looking into this issue,” a Google spokesperson told The Verge. “In the meantime, device owners can turn off guest mode and disable the creation of new users.”

Those who need to know how to disable the Guest Mode feature on Chromebook devices can follow Google’s handy instructions right here.

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