Google is working to decrease all app install sizes on Android

Google is working to create a new method of decreasing app sizes on Android devices. Collaboration with Android, each app can now be tailored to users.

As the size of mobile apps continues to rise, Google is working to limit how much data a user needs to download. Massive apps like Genshin Impact may not be so massive on initial boot with this new initiative.

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How is Google working to decrease file sizes?

Much like efforts to reduce the file sizes of AAA games on PC and console, Google will allow developers to split apps. Apps that benefit from size optimisations will be split into smaller components.

It's not currently known how many applications will be split. For example, while many video games can have their single and multiplayer modes split, most apps are completely different.

Mobile games are likely going to benefit the most from this. Google's methods could isolate the first few levels of a mobile game in the initial download. Then, if a player enjoys the title, they can download the rest.

How will this be implemented?

The App Store Optimisation program will be a setting in the Google Play Store that anyone can access. Once available, users can go into their settings to optimise an app. After enough people have optimised a specific app, the app will have a decreased size for everyone.

Google will track user experience with these specific apps to see what aspects need to be prioritised. For example, if an app has a camera component that's never used, there's no point in downloading it.

“When enough people do this, Google can optimize the app to install, open, and run faster for everyone,” Google explains.

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