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Valheim is currently making waves on Steam as a survival game that puts players in the shoes of Viking warriors.

The indie darling has shown to be incredibly popular, despite its somewhat dated aesthetic. However, what the game might lack in 21st-century polish, it more than makes up for with its moreish gameplay. 

At the time of writing the game is available to play on PC platforms through Steam, but what are the chances we'll see the game come to Stadia in 2021?

Will Valheim come to Stadia in 2021?

As seen on the official Valheim site’s FAQ post, the game is only available for Linux and Windows as of the moment.

The Swedish developers behind the game, Iron Gate Studio, has also mentioned only looking forward to completing its Mac version of the game.

As such, they have no plans to release the game outside the PC platform at the time of writing. 

It's possible we could see Iron Gate Studios change their stance on this in the future, but for now, it's best to assume we will not see Valheim on Google Stadia.

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Can Stadia run Valheim?

Valheim doesn’t require players to have high-end PCs to run so it could be perfect for the streaming platform.

Whilst the game has multiplayer elements, it's limited to 1-10 players, so again, nothing too taxing for Stadia servers to manage.

Though the game is based on PC, it does have controller support for Xbox 360 controllers, so again, its entirely possible it could run using the Google Stadia controller.

Right now, the only thing stopping Valheim coming to Steam appears to be time and any extra development needs imposed on the relatively small studio.

Let's hope Google starts making moves to bring the title under its streaming service’s wing later this year.

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