Will Rocket League appear on Google Stadia?

Since its launch in July of 2015, company Psyonix have been on a roll with Rocket League.

It's become the game to stream; the game to race against friends, but also playing across systems on crossplay.

Now that its property of Epic Games and its a free-to-play service, some have wondered as to whether the game would be appearing on other systems, such as Google Stadia.

Let's see just how likely it is to see Rocket League appear on Google's streaming service.

Rocket League on Google Stadia?

To get to the point, it's not available on Google Stadia, nor are there unofficial ways to play the game on the service.

Due to the purchase of Psyonix and in-turn Rocket League, it's looking less and less likely for it to appear on Google's service, alongside Apple's iOS platforms.

Due to the court cases that Apple and Epic Games are involved in, it's no surprise that other companies like Google are watching this intensely, to see where the pendulum will swing once the court case concludes.

However, another factor is due to Google changing tact on Stadia, from shutting down their development division to redundancies.

Fans call for Rocket League on Google Stadia

While it's looking less and less likely, fans are still clamouring for Rocket League; it's one of those games that you simply want to play anywhere, on any device.

A thread on the official Stadia forum page shows some users calling for the game to make its arrival on Stadia. However, the closest we are to this is playing Rocket League on the Nintendo Switch.

For now though, it's going to be a simple wait and see, whether Epic Games and Google will work out an agreement.

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