How to use Airpods with Google Stadia

Apple’s Airpods is best known as the go-to audio earphones for many iOS devices right now. However, AirPods is also known for its compatibility with tech outside Apple’s catalogue. 

Additionally, it’s possible to use the AirPods on Google Stadia too. However, the pairing will need a third-party device to make it happen. 

With this feature, enjoying Stadia games while using the wireless earphones is now possible. 

Here’s how to use the AirPods on the Google Stadia. 

AirPods & Stadia, pairing in a tree...

To use the AirPods on Google Stadia, redditors have found a way to do so. Pairing the AirPods to the Google Stadia controller is possible through using a bluetooth transmitter. 

Reddit user dingsddit notes that the Twelvesouth 3.5mm to bluetooth transmitter does the job well. It’ll help Apple's iconic headphones pair themselves with the Stadia controller and work right. 

However, this setup’s problem is that the volume is still low even if set up to the max. If you still wish to use your Apple headphones on Stadia, this is a possible option. 

Stadia Limitations 

As of now, the Google Stadia controller has no bluetooth functionality. Due to this, there’s no way that AirPods can’t naturally pair itself with the controller. 

Google has yet to confirm when it will include bluetooth support on its features. As of now, Google is scaling down its development on Stadia. It’s been confirmed that the in-house studios for Stadia exclusives has been closed down. It could still be a different for Stadia’s hardware features but the service still needs to succeed to get this feature in. 

For now, we’ll have to wait on Google to add a Bluetooth feature to Stadia before we can officially try pairing these earphones to it. 

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