How To Quit Google Stadia Games Fast

The Google Stadia is a fresh digital distribution platform for gaming since its release last 2019. It currently offers access for games ranging from high-profile AAA titles to even its own set of exclusive releases. 

Currently, Google Stadia has the potential to upstage the other distribution platforms but can be confusing to use at first. The platform is comparably younger and offers its services differently than its rivals. 

Unlike other digital distribution services for games such as Steam and Epic Games Store, the Google Stadia boasts its multiplatform access to its library. Rather than just uniquely offering games for the PC, Stadia extends its support to mobile devices for its library. 

Offering game library access to PC and Mobile is uncommon for many players. Starting and exiting your games in Google Stadia can be jarring at first but gets easier once you know how. 

Starting Your Game 

Starting any game in Google Stadia is fairly simple. However, you’ll need to have a compatible device for the platform and have at least one game playable on your account. Once that’s settled, the official Stadia site has a step-by-step guide on playing games on its platform. 

  • Open up the site on your PC or boot up the Google Stadia app on your mobile device 
  • Scroll down and find the “Your Games” button in your Home screen 
  • Choose a game from your list and the app should boot it up for you 
  • Make sure your Google Stadia controller is ready to play your game. 

If a game isn’t available in your library, it’s advisable to buy one from the Stadia’s store first or avail the Stadia Pro subscription. The subscription to this app assures that the player receives a set of free games every month. 

Exiting Stadia Games 

After playing your Google Stadia game, it’s time to close it. The process for this is similar to many consoles and no need to fidget around the device you’re using Stadia on. To exit games, simply do this. 

  • Press the Stadia button on your controller. It’s the button in bottom middle of the controller that has the Stadia logo. 
  • Keep holding it down until a menu appears that shows the “Exit Game” option for it. 
  • Press the Exit Game button and the app will close the game for you. 

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