How to check your Google Stadia Playtime Stats

Play time is often a show of experience as it shows how long you’ve dedicated to it. It is the hard evidence you can show to your friends and social media. 

Prior to an update, Stadia players had to dig through Google Accounts to get this data. However, the update to reveal game play time not only to the user but also to other people on the platform. 

Checking play time is also a simple task to do. As long as the Stadia menus is accessible, it’s possible. 

Here’s how to check your Stadia play time. 

How to find playtime stats on Stadia 

Checking your play time in Stadia can be found in Achievements tabs too. Follow these steps to quickly see those data

  1. Press the Stadia button on the controller or Shift+Tab on the keyboard and the Achievements will immediately be seen.
  2. The play time can be found under the progress bar as Total Play Time. Other games often include other stats along with the play time. 

Google Stadia’s achievements tab is mostly public as it can be seen by other players too. Through this feature, playing games can be social and even be competitive when it comes to stats. 

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Hiding your Stats

However, there may be times that you want to hide your stats from other players. In the privacy settings, users can set who can see their stats. 

  1. Open up the home screen and tap your avatar
  2. Look for the Privacy button to start managing who can see your game stats
  3. In the Game activity settings, the Play stats and Time played per game can be changed.
  4. The settings could be set to All players, Friends & their friends, Friends, and even up to the Only you setting.

This feature is useful to avoid letting other people know how much you play any game. At times, some competitive players often check on play time to deduce your skill from it. 

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