How to check Stadia controller battery

Google Stadia often relies on the platform’s patented controller to play the service on any of its platform. Many games on the platform often feel better using the controller on it. 

However, the Stadia controller is battery operated. It’ll eventually run out when left unchecked. 

Fortunately, the Stadia is designed with features to help its users know how much charge is left in their controller. It’s also not complicated to use. 

Here’s how to keep tabs on how much battery charge is still in your Stadia controller. 

How to tell if my controller is fully charged 

To know if your controller’s charge exactly, it can be checked through two signs. Make sure that your Stadia controller is wired to your device or charger. 

If it’s charged, the Stadia controller will emit an orange light. The orange light will be lit up and only stop once it is fully charged. 

  1. Make sure that your Stadia controller is wired to your device or charger. 
  2. The Stadia controller will emit an orange light if the battery is not full.
  3. Once it's fully charged, the Stadia controller orange light will stop and it's ready to use.

A full charged Stadia controller is expected to last 10 hours at best. However, the controller’s lifespan gets reduced to 6-8 hours as the device ages up.

Checking charge from the Stadia screen 

  1. Press the Stadia button and find the Controller menu
  1. Inside this menu, the linked controllers can be seen.
  2. The linked controllers will have their battery percentages shown on screen.

To keep the Stadia controller’s battery life healthy, it would be best to only start charging it after completely draining it. Any rechargable battery loses it’s total lifespan if frequently recharged with still some juice in it. 

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