How to Adjust Privacy Settings on Stadia

Even though it’s mainly a streaming service, Google Stadia also has security features to protect its users. Stadia subscribers also need their privacy from other users too. 

Adding friends could be fun but some users can cause mischief too. These malicious users could harass you and make the platform not a fun place to be. 

Fortunately, Stadia has a robust set of privacy settings to help you out. It would be enough to keep them out of your Stadia account. 

Here’s how you can change your privacy settings in Stadia. 

Pick Your Friends 

Friend requests can come and go for many Stadia users. However, it’s possible to control which people can send friend requests to you. 

To do this, click on your Stadia avatar and choose the Stadia settings menu. From here, pick the Friends & privacy button to start changing your privacy settings. 

Once you’re inside you can change your settings on who can send friend requests to your account. “All players” setting would open your account to all requests. “Friend & their friends” would require other users to be friends with your friends first. Lastly, “No one” blocks all invites from anybody. 

Changing Your Style 

If you want to hide from these players, changing your avatar and username could help too. The avatar settings for Stadia can be fiddled when accessing the Stadia name & avatar settings. This can also be found under the Stadia settings menu. 

Pick another avatar that from the one that you’re currently using. This way, you can potentially hide yourself from other people when using another face. 

Lastly, changing your username is also possible but will have to be used as a last resort. Changing your username will need you to contact Google’s customer service to change it.

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