Google Stadia Pro free games (March 2021)

Almost a year and a half strong, the Stadia Pro subscription still delivers for this March 2021. Four new games are confirmed for this month. 

So far, the four games are well-rounded as their genres are leagues apart from each other. Nevertheless, all of these games are strong picks. 

As with the new ones, the old Google Stadia Pro free games will also leave its free status and return as a purchasable title. 

Here’s the four new games on the Stadia Pro free games for this March 2021. 

Avicii Invector and PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle 

One rhythm game and a mix of casual and competitive title has been confirmed as a Google Stadia Pro free title. So far, both titles didn’t sweep the world with their arrival but are decent titles nevertheless. 

Avicii Invector is a rhythm title that features a galactic and futuristic aesthetic to it. As expected, the game features songs from the Swedish DJ Avicii. 

Meanwhile, PAC-MAN Mega Tunnel Battle features a battle royale twist to its classic gameplay. Many players will still run around as Pac-Man eating cheese and ghosts. However, the game features interconnected maps for players to compete for the highest score from each other as they play. As an added twist, spectators can affect the events in happening in the map. 

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Reigns and PixelJunk Raiders 

Additionally, an indie title and a smartphone game has also been confirmed as a Google Stadia Pro free game. PixelJunk Raiders is an adventure game that lets players take on massive waves of foes as they defend Planet Tantal from alien invaders. 

Meanwhile, Reigns is a smartphone game that lets players be monarchs and make decisions for their kingdom with a swipe to the left or right. Players can lead their kingdoms to prosperity or ruin depending on how they wish to govern their domain. According to the official Devolver Digital site, the game is categorized as “Tinder for monarchs.” 

These games will be free on Google Stadia up until the next set of titles arrive.

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