Google Stadia: How To See Achievements

Achievements are a gamer’s crowning glory in any title they play. Google Stadia also supports these system of glory for these earned medals. 

Similar to other digital distributors and consoles, Google Stadia also has this system for every game in its library. All it takes is for the players to fulfill the requirements to earn it in-game. 

Pulling up the list is also easy and a familiar motion for many players and experienced achievement hunters. Through the system, players can flex their progression throughout many games and how many games they’ve cleared. 

With this in mind, here's how to view those achievements on your Stadia device.

Crowning Achievements 

To look at your medals, trophies and other awards earned in your Google Stadia games can be seen through accessing the Stadia menus. Simply press Shift+Tab or the Stadia Button to enter the Stadia menus. Proceed to your Stadia name and click on it to view your own profile. 

The Games tab in your profile will hold the information on your achievements on every game you’ve played and chosen on the list. The tab will show all your cleared achievements and the ones you’ve yet to earn. 

It’s also possible to check every achievements you’ve earned throughout all your Google Stadia games through the “See All” button in the same menu. Players can also sort these achievements through the “Ordered” button in the Achievements list. 

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Secrets Revealed 

Some achievements in some Google Stadia games can be hidden too. The requirements to earn that achievement are a mystery and players fulfill it somehow. These hidden achievements could range from a difficult record to pull off to finding an item that any player could miss the first time. 

However, some games don’t have achievements to earn at all. Achievements often come from the game’s developers and Google Stadia can’t help it if the developers didn’t put any achievements in their game. 

Nevertheless, some games often have achievement systems that comes as unlocking secret content instead of rewarding players with badges and platinum trophies. 

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