Xbox Series X concept art: fan-made Xbox Project Oris design blows Microsoft out of the water

The Xbox Series X is a gigantic dark obelisk that would look just as at home on our TV stands as it would on an altar at the centre of a terrifying cult, but one fan has a new suggestion for the console design.

The Xbox Series X also happens to be probably the most powerful console ever conceived and is full to the brim with tech so mighty it'd make the Daleks jealous, or the Cybermen, whichever is more advanced these days.

The thing is, we, the people, are prone to always wanting a little more, and some people are so talented that they can either both conceive of, and then design impressive bits of technology themselves.

We can just about imagine a world where our fridge can also serve as an oven through some kind of magic, so these fan designs are always incredibly impressive to look at...

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Xbox Project Oris

Xbox Project Oris is Joseph Dumary's answer to the question "But what if more?". He's even made a very flashy trailer for it over on Signature Dumary, which is his YouTube channel.

This is all, of course, more of a thought experiment than anything, but you'd be hard-pressed to find any other theoretical consoles that pack quite as much in.

The description of it includes a lot of keywords that are sure to get any budding designers vibrating with happiness, or projecting images from their eyes, or something.

Xbox Project Oris features we'd love to see on Xbox Series X

While there are plenty of cool features listed, a couple of them would make gaming so much more immersive.

For example, Dynamic Mode (Pressure+ technology): This new technology allows to measure the stress level of the players by analyzing the number of strong pressure they make on the controller during a game (pressure on the controller handle for example) and the algorithm adjusts the difficulty of the game. If you play FIFA, your passes will be less accurate and your shots will be more difficult."

The Xbox Project Oris also has a projector and a speaker built in, meaning you could use it to play anywhere! Now THAT really does sound futuristic.

There's also "Your next Personal Assistant: Ask it to start a game, turn off the light, make a reminder, eject a CD, send a message to a friend, watch a movie on Netflix, change channels on TV, play your favourite playlist on Spotify etc."

That one would just be nice because we're feeling kind of lazy at the moment. The full list of features and the trailer itself are incredible, and Dumary is clearly incredibly talented too. Somebody hire him for Xbox Series X and then give him lots of money?

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