Xbox Series X price rumours: Latest prediction is higher than we hoped

The fact that we haven't had an official announcement regarding pricing for either the PS5 or the Xbox Series X yet is becoming increasingly irksome.

We've known that the consoles are coming soon for a while and, assuming they don't get pushed back into 2021 along with all of the games releasing on them, that means we'll soon be asked to pay for one.

How on earth can we be expected to save up for a console when we've no idea how much it'll cost?

Well, it looks as though we may have the price of the Xbox Series X, just not from an official source.

The Xbox Series X price may have leaked

According to games journalist Alanah Pearce, the price could well be set at $599 USD. Judging by the current exchange rate, that's £457 GBP or €505 Euros.

This came up in the Kinda Funny Xcast, and she said that a retail worker had DMed her with a screenshot of their work screen showing that the Xbox Series X was in the system at that price.

She did say that this was based on outside information, and that the source wanted to remain anonymous, but if this price is real, then it's a fair bit pricier than we were hoping for.

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How likely is this price?

Now, in favour of this price is the sheer power of the console. The Xbox Series X is a beast, unlike anything we've seen before in the console space. All of that price has to come with a price, and that price may well be $599.

That being said, it seems a lot like Microsoft wants to try and undercut Sony on the console price. If that's the case, then it either means that the PS5 costs more than this (highly unlikely), or that they've yet to decide on the price yet.

It's very plausible that this price is just a placeholder for the store, but we'll find out in the next couple of months… hopefully.

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