Xbox Series X or S won't sign in: How to get your new console online

With the next-gen partially upon us (the Xbox Series X and S are out now but the PS5 isn't in most places), people are probably very excited to start playing on these powerful machines.

Of course, gaming in the modern-day involves a few more hoops to jump through than it used to, and that can occasionally lead to some issues.

One issue that's plaguing some Xbox Series X and Series S gamers is one of connection.

So, here's what you need to know to get your new Xbox online and get yourself into the games.

Why won't your Xbox Series X or Series S go online?

There are a few reasons why your console may be struggling to get online, and they're all fairly standard issues.

It could be that your Wi-Fi connection isn't strong enough, or that your router is struggling.

It could also be to do with your login details or even the servers themselves, which is an issue that pops up whenever a big new game or console comes out.

There are plenty of things you can try to fix these issues, and you'll probably be familiar with most of them already anyway.

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How to fix these issues

First things first, you should check the official Xbox Live Status page. If the service itself is down then nothing you do is going to fix the issue.

Next, you should restart your router. Just turn it off and on again and see how things go. If you're finding that your Wi-Fi isn't keeping up then switching to a wired connection can fix the issue.

If that doesn't work, you should double-check your login information. It's been a while since we've had to manually log into any of these gaming services, so you might have entered your details wrong.

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