Xbox Series X logo revealed: Reddit leak unearths a Microsoft trademark which could define Xbox 2020

A member of the Xbox Series X Reddit community has posted a link to a trademarked logo and alleged that it would belong to the new console.

The trademark is owned by “Microsoft Corporation” and concerns a wide range of goods and services including, “downloadable video and computer games,” as well as, “interactive video game devices comprised of computer hardware and software accessories”.

Although the logo hasn’t been confirmed by Microsoft, fans of the Xbox Series X are convinced that the logo will be used in conjunction with the upcoming next-gen console.

Interestingly, nowhere in the trademark information is the word “Xbox” mentioned.

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What is in the trademark?

The trademark is found on a lengthy online page that outlines details of the mark and classification information.

Microsoft’s new trademark is described as consisting of, “the word SERIES in a vertical formation to the right of which appears a stylized letter X.”

As well as the expected console-related details, the trademark also concerns goods and services totally unrelated to gaming such as calendars, gym bags, shot glasses and mittens just to name a few.

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Take a closer look at the newly-trademarked Xbox Series X logo.
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Take a closer look at the newly-trademarked Xbox Series X logo.

What does this mean for Xbox fans?

The new logo is almost certainly related to the next-gen console in one way or another, however we’re going to have to wait and see whether it is the official logo or possibly one of many designs that Microsoft has conceptualised throughout the console’s development.

The extensive trademark should fill die-hard fans of the Xbox franchise with hope that Microsoft may be looking to capitalise on the Series X’s launch and release branded goods and services in a way they never have before.

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