Xbox Series X gameplay footage: 7-minute ray-tracing video looks incredible

While we're all still waiting to hear more about the PS5 and Xbox Series X release date and price, at least we occasionally get given a glimpse into just how good the next-gen of games is going to look.

Of course, sometimes this is met with more fanfare than others, and sometimes it sneaks out on YouTube.

Some might say that that's a little unceremonious, but hey, who are we to question how Microsoft advertises things?

But hey, we take what we can get, and in this instance, it's 7 whole minutes of exquisite-looking gameplay footage.

7 minutes of Xbox Series X gameplay

In a video uploaded to the official Xbox Youtube channel, we got to see a substantial look at Atomic Heart.

The gameplay looks absolutely incredible, with a level of crispness that we just don't get on the current-gen consoles.

Not only that, but it shows off a lot of the game itself too, with a weird mix of technology and biology on display for the enemies you'll be taking down.

Of course, you might not have heard of Atomic Heart, so why don't we dive into that a bit.

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What is Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart could very lazily be described as an indie version of Fallout.

Of course, you'd be foolish to take that as anything other than a compliment, because the game looks stunning beyond belief.

It's set in an alternate universe during the Soviet Union, and you play a special agent who has to figure out just what's going wrong with some of the missions your company has been on.

It's all basically a set-up for a first-person shooter set in a somewhat messed up world with incredible weapons and deeply unpleasant enemies. It's a classic reason for a game, and we're really looking forward to seeing more of it.

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