Xbox Series 2 release date - when will the next Xbox come out?

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Xbox Series 2 release date - when will the next Xbox come out?
Credit: Microsoft

If you are looking forward to the next Xbox console, we have gathered some facts about the release date of the Xbox Series 2.

Microsoft has recently revealed the potential release date of the next Xbox in its response to the CMA’s issues statement on the Xbox's Activision deal. In case you are thinking about buying an Xbox Series 2, then let us help you with the question of when the next Xbox will hit the shelves.

Here is everything you need to know about the Xbox Series 2 release date.

When is the next Xbox coming out?

Microsoft has given us a hint at when the next Xbox will be coming out.

As part of the Competition and Markets Authority's investigation into Microsoft's proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard, Microsoft discussed potential launch timing for new consoles.

In the statement provided to the CMA, Microsoft said "the next new generation of consoles are not expected to be released before the fall of 2028 at the very earliest." That means the earliest release date possible is sometime in the fall of 2028.

Xbox Series 2 release date

Now we know that the next Xbox - probably dubbed Xbox Series 2 - will come out in the fall of 2028, but is it possible to narrow down the timeframe even further?

Yes, Microsoft follows a pattern when it comes to releasing consoles. New Xbox consoles come out in a certain month - November.

The original Xbox was launched in November 2005. Xbox 360 was released in November 2005. After 8 years in November 2013, they released Xbox One. And then after another 7 years in November 2020, Xbox Series X|S was introduced.


If Microsoft continues to follow this pattern, Xbox Series 2 is expected to release in November 2028 at the earliest.

So, that's all we know about the release date of the next Xbox console - Xbox Series 2. We will update you when we have any new information regarding the next Xbox console.

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