Xbox Robot White controller revealed for Xbox Series S/X and Xbox One: Price, release date and pre-order information

Find out everything you need to know about this stylish controller.

by Jason Coles
xbox robot white controller series x s

The Xbox Series S being all white and what not means that there’s also going to be a controller to go with it.

Well, that’s now been confirmed thanks to a Tweety and an article from Microsoft, and that means you now need to decide what colour scheme you want from your next-gen console.

The Xbox “Robot White” controller comes complete with all of the features of the Xbox Series X controller, because they’re the same apart from the colours.

So, here’s what you need to know about the Xbox Robot White controller.

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Xbox Robot White controller price

While there’s been no official work on the price yet, we’d be shocked if it wasn’t somewhere near the £60 that Microsoft currently charges for this generation’s controllers.

We’ll update this as soon as we get the official word on things, but you’ll definitely get one if you buy the Xbox Series S anyway.

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Xbox Robot White release date

The Xbox Robot White controller should be releasing on November 10th alongside the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series S.

We’ve got no word on stock though, so things might be harder to come by than usual. This is because COVID-19 could interfere with stock production and delivery, but then again, it might not. Helpful, isn’t it?

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Xbox Robot White pre-order information

As pre-orders for the consoles go live on September 22nd, you can expect the same to be true of the controllers.

It’s probably worth pre-ordering if you know for a fact you’re going to need one of these new controllers, but it’s also worth noting that your current-gen Xbox controller will also work for the Series S and Series X.

That could save you a fair bit of money if you happen to be at the head of a gaming family.

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Jason Coles